Choose the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Hunting

Who likes a blunt blade? Nobody! Knives are one of the most frequently used tools in our lives. Be it a household kitchen, a commercial restaurant kitchen, a bakery, hunter’s garage or even an office, knives are useful everywhere. However, a dull knife has a potential to make life difficult and you know that, right? So, you need a razor sharp edge for a satisfying cut.  Thankfully, it is neither very difficult nor very expensive to restore and salvage an old dull knife. Why not choose a best electric knife sharpener for hunting knives. All you need is a knife sharpener and some technique. However, if you don’t have the technique, get the best electric knife sharpener for honing and sharpening a knife. From pocket knives and kitchen knives, meat knives and vegetable knives to special hunting knives all are important in their own way. Restore the blade to its original fine, sharp and fully aligned edge for the perfect cut.

What is a Knife Sharpener?

Knives get dull and lose their sharpness and cutting ability with use overtime. A knife sharpener is a rather simple tool that can restore the sharpness of a knife. So that you don’t need to throw away your favorite knife when it gets dull or blunt. Or buy yourself a new one. Instead, just get a knife sharpener and get to work. It will fine tune and realign the knife blade, sharpening it for the finest cuts in a jiffy.

A Dull Knife is a Safety Hazard

There is nothing more frustrating than using a dull knife to peel a tomato or cutting a slippery piece of meat. The dull, chipped edge, slipping and sliding off the surface is such a nuisance in the kitchen. Not only does it waste a lot of time, but it is a safety hazard too. The chances of unwanted cuts and injuries with a blunt knife are far greater than using a razor sharp knife. The reason is that, a sharp edge will make the precise cuts you want, whereas, a dull knife will slip and slide haphazardly. And this may result in severe cuts and injuries.

What is the Best Electric Knife Sharpener?

An electrical knife sharpener is a contemporary device that is way different from traditional methods of knife sharpening and does not require any specific set of skills to operate. Moreover, it is simple to use and time efficient, which means with minimum effort, you will be achieving maximum result.

These sharpeners are shaped like a rectangle, and often have three slots for the blade.  In the past, electric sharpeners were notorious for almost devouring the metal of the blade, but with improved engineering, that has changed dramatically. Make sure, you know what is the best electric knife sharpener in the market.

Today’s sharpeners use small, orbiting diamond plates in the rough and polishing grit stages. The user simply puts the knife’s blade between those plates, without having to worry about setting the correct angle for the sharpening process.

Electric knife sharpeners are easy to use, but keep in mind that they can sometimes be noisy as they go about their task.  Sharpeners don’t have to cost a lot of money, but if you prize your knives and want to keep them in originally sharp condition, expect to pay more for them.

Things to Keep In Mind before Purchasing the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Hunting Knives

While looking for an electric knife sharpener for hunting knives and before purchasing, there are many aspects that you need to consider. We compiled all the reviews for your convenience into a below mentioned handy accessible list, which includes all the key points to consider before buying an electric knife sharpener.

Below mentioned are some points and key factors to help you guide which electric sharpener will prove to be the best sharpener for you. Read on to get to know how to choose the right electric knife sharpener;


Rough & Harsh Material

Whether it’s a quick touching up your knife or a complete re-sharpening, you first need to consider which grainy and rude material to use. Diamond or tungsten carbide, which is a polished, tough ceramic are the most common materials used in electric knife sharpeners, and the ones you must most likely want to go for.


Angle Guide

You can be the most experienced knife sharpener in the world, but one will still want an angle guide respective of their electric knife sharpener. Electric knife sharpener is to make your life easier, so if you want to get the job done quickly and properly, then choose a machine with an accurate guide.


Range of Angles

When considering upon the angles, you need to make sure that you buy the machine that holds the capability of delivering the edge you need. So, if you are looking to just refresh the standard European and US knives, then you do not require a machine that is capable of sharpening down to 15 degrees. Whereas, if you need to sharpen and handle your knives that are purely Asian style standard, then you need to have the respective knife sharpener that handles it properly and carefully.


Range of Use

An electric knife sharpener machine that is capable of doing touch-ups, complete re-sharpening, and polishing is the one that is the best value for money. As it offers a wide range of applications and can be used to sharpen a variety of different blades. Always look out and choose from the machines that can handle toothed edges or scissors, if you need to sharpen the types of serrated edges knives and blades.



No matter if you are an amateur or specialized, you must look for the sharpener that works well to protect the integrity of your knives and which simplifies the task for you, even if you are an experienced knife sharpener. While choosing, go for an electric knife sharpener that’s easy, quick to get and control.



Efficiency is critically important for almost all the tasks and who does not want to get the tasks done in a timely manner or sooner? So, look for a knife sharpener machine that gets the task done accurately and more quickly than other traditional methods. Keep in mind to check the average sharpening time on a models before coming to any decision of purchasing. This is a quick and easy factor to check for, and not a difficult one!



It is always worth paying a little additional in order to receive a device with long life and endurance. Later on in the article we will discuss the best electric knife sharpeners in the market which will surely help you find the best electric knife sharpener for you, and the one that will last you a long time.



One of the smartest qualities of an electric knife sharpener is that it makes sharpening and toning up knives safer. Make sure you go for that model purchase, which ensure your safety while in use and leave blades sharp enough to be used safely.

Is There Any Difference Between Sharpening and Honing?

There is a difference between honing and sharpening and one must understand the difference between them, but first know that how knives get dull or blunt. Two main problems that turn a sharp knife into a blunt instrument are; first the sharp edges are lost or a blade’s edges are not properly aligned anymore. The difficult thing to understand here is that one can use a sharp knife that has misaligned sharpness but it will not cut properly.

Most electric knife sharpeners have a two-stage or a three-stage process, and there are different slots designated for each of the stages. Though we usually refer to fixing of the dull edges of the knife blades simply as ‘sharpening’, but there are essential parts to sharpening. Firstly, a rough abrasive material is used to remove dull and damaged parts of the blade, and this process is called grinding. This is the very first step of your sharpening process. Then comes the honing, which means smoothening out of the blades.

When the blade passes from the grinding process in the first, materials are removed from the blade and a wire edge is formed, which is not smooth and as well as not durable enough. Then here comes the second step, which is the honing. It removes all small blotches and makes the edge more durable. The stone used in this step has a fine gravel in comparison to the cruder grinding stone. Hence, a good electric knife sharpener should have separate slots for grinding and honing, to achieve an expert level sharpening results.

Honing is done usually more frequently than sharpening in order to push edges of knives back to the center focus, thus straightening the blades.  This process doesn’t sharpen the knife, even though, it makes it more skilled at cutting well again. Whereas, sharpening involves grounding the blade to bring about a sharp, new edge. Keep in mind that metal is lost in the process and hence, you should not over sharpen. Usually, sharpening can be done using a water stone, whetstone or electric knife sharpening machine.

Sharpening knives with an electric sharpener entails the knowledge of few technical concepts to some extent. That is why we have cut down these concepts below, so that you can have an in-depth idea of using electric knife sharpeners before you go out and purchase one.

What is a Sharpening Angle?

We come across the term sharpening angle quite often while looking for knife sharpeners descriptions. Ever wonder what does it really mean? If we put it simply, it means that your knife has a specific angle at which the cutting edge of the blade is made. This angle defines how sharp and durable your knife is. Remember that this angle varies from one knife to another, so it is important to sharpen your knife at a suitable angle that is appropriate to the angle of your knife’s edge.

In case you are not sure about the angle of your knife, you can use knife sharpeners with an angle guide, and you do not need to figure out the respective suitable angle for your knife to sharpen it. This makes the whole knife sharpening process quite simple and easy as you do not have to guess what the angle of your knife might be. Another great type of angle guide is a flexible angle guide but when your angle guide is fixed, you have to be very careful while sharpening the knife so, that you do not apply too much pressure or you do not move the knife awkwardly and it result in any damage. You really would not want that!

Same aspect, but when the guide is flexible, it will guide your knife with a higher efficiency and accuracy. So, if you are more experienced in using and maintaining different kinds of knives and would love to have control over the angle of sharpening, then you should opt for sharpeners with a dial using which you can alter and fix the angle to the number that is the most appropriate for the knife that you intend to sharpen.

Advantages of Using the Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

There are several advantages of best electric knife sharpeners over whetstones or other traditional methods, some of the advantages are mentioned below, which will make you understand the pros of using electric knife sharpeners:

  • Electric knife sharpeners come with strong abrasive sharpening stones/wheels.
  • They can get the job done in a relatively short time.
  • Comes with pre-set angling guides, meaning that all you do is to set the knife in place, without figuring out the respective angle for sharpening.
  • Can be easily set to more accurate sharpening than that to possible with a manual sharpener.
  • Comes with diamond abrasives that are hard to beat in terms of sharpening quality.
  • Provides a critically important 3 step or 2 step process of sharpening, including grinding, sharpening and honing.

How Often Should You Sharpen A Knife? 

This is the question that may come into your mind by now. And know that there is no definite answer to this. The number of times that knives need to be sharpened depends on how often you use them. You must want to maintain a constant level of sharpness for the blades of your knives you use, so it’s important to be aware if your blades are getting dull.

Finding how often you need to sharpen your knife is tricky because of the multiple factors that affect how often you should sharpen a specific knife. Firstly, it depends on how much you use the knife. If you use a knife very regularly, it is good to polish or refine it every week. But the other part of the sharpening, which includes grinding, does not need to be done every so often. Know here that grinding your knife too often sometimes results in actually removing too much material from the blade and cause damage.

In general, a knife needs to be ground once or twice a year, but the polishing and honing is a sharpening process that can be done more frequently, depending on your use. Another factor that determines how often you should sharpen your knife is the purpose for which you are using it. Let’s say, a knife that is used for cutting hard materials such as bones will require more upkeep and maintenance than a knife that is used for cutting softer materials like vegetables. Though, it is not very easy to guess whether your knife needs honing or sharpening, there are easy ways to help you know that your knife is not sharp enough, and sometimes you yourself feels the dullness while using it.

One of the easiest ways in which you get to know your knife requires sharpening, is when your knife is squeezing something soft, like a tomato, instead of smoothly cutting through it. Likewise, another way to tell is to carefully feel the blade with your thumb to check if there are any burrs on the edge. We have deconstructed many technical aspects of electric knife sharpeners for your easy understanding, but the most important question still remains and what is the best electric knife sharpener in the market. But you need not to worry, as the next section of our review guide will surely answer that for you.

What Is The Best Electric Knife Sharpener In The Market?

When it comes to finding the best electric knife sharpeners, there is a huge variety available in the market. These sharpeners may vary in grinding technique, range of angles, simplicity, mechanism and speed. Because of these attributes, the results and the time taken for the sharpening or honing the knife to perfection may vary. Moreover, the material and quality of the electric knife sharpeners also vary. This largely affects their performance and lifespan. In general, a good quality knife sharpener will probably last you a lifetime. It is a life long investment to save you from spending every few months on new knives. Instead, you can bring all your old knives back to life. A few minutes with an electric knife sharpener can restore their sharpness to as good as new.

Here are our top picks of the best electric knife sharpeners available in the market. These electric knife sharpeners are equally good for hunting knives as well as kitchen knives. Read on to learn in detail about the detailed features of each of our carefully chosen best electric knife sharpeners. For your convenience, we have also listed down the major pros and cons of each of these sharpeners.


Work Sharp WSKTS-KO – High-Quality Knife Sharpener Machine -(Editor’s choice)

This specialist electric knife and tool sharpener machine is great for beginners and more experienced users similarly. And let us say it here that you will love this Ken Onion Edition sharpener from Work Sharp. With a convenient handheld design, it is controllable and durable enough to sharpen any blade. From grinding a dull hunting knife into sharp working order to touching up a pocket knife, and everything in between, this work sharp Ken Onion electric sharpener is capable of doing wondrous honing and sharpening. So it is really important to choose the best electric knife sharpeners for hunting knives.

It is proficient of achieving a wide range of angles between 15-30°, and even claims an easily adjustable exact sharpening guide to put you in control. If you are a regular hunter and need a knife for rougher outdoor work then a standard 20° angle is just right. Yet, this great tool works just as well on a 15° kitchen knife and restoring factory sharpness in minutes.

Moreover, its variable speed motor provides the user maximal amount of control, with the ability to accordingly slow the device right down according to what extent you want to sharpen your knives. It features the choice of 5 different abrasive belts to use, this knife sharpener is really an ultimate combination of versatility and customizable.

We recommend you to closely read the instructions before you begin using this machine, as it can take a little bit of practice to use properly, but know that the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Note that, this knife sharpener will have you to replace its belts and this can prove a little pricey, but you will have a durable, high-quality tool which will prolong the lives of all your best-loved blades for years to come. Compared to other electric knife sharpeners available, this machine is such good value for money you’d be crazy to pass it by!

If you’re looking for the best handy knife sharpener or a sharpener that is jack of all trades and not just a knife sharpener but sharpen the other tools too, then Work Sharp WSKTS-KO can well be the right choice for you. You can easily use it on a wide variety of different blades to achieve outstanding results as it is a well-made device that without any doubt produce consistently good work.

  • Great for novice as well as experienced sharpeners
  • Applicable on variety of blades
  • Adjustable angle guide to achieve exact results
  • Variable speed motor for better control
  • Small, light and portable
  • Takes minimum physical effort to use
  • Features 5 different flexible abrasive belts in order to achieve different results

  • Replacing belts can be expensive
  • Guide system can prove to be an obstacle on some tasks
  • Watch out for rounding the tip of the blade
  • Takes practice to achieve best results


Chef’s Choice Trizor Model 15 XV – Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice Trizor Model 15 XV is a best portable knife sharpener, no matter if you have a straight edge or toothed, a single or double bevel, this knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice does all the work done. It uses a three-stage Edge Select system, and is perfect for sharpening, honing and polishing any knife. Its range is between 15-20°, and uses flexible 100% diamond abrasive belts to achieve a microscopically flawless edge on the blade.

This fine quality electric knife sharpener assures outstanding results every time and is fine enough to restore dull knives in seconds. It is built to a high standard and is lightweight and portable along with the capacity to last for years and to increase the lives of your knives exponentially.

It may not proves to be the first choice for beginners, as it does take some time  getting used to, and we highly recommend practicing in order to achieve finest results. Though, with some application, this device offers a fast, easy, and consistent way to sharpen knives at home, while not taking too much effort than other traditional methods demand.

Its three-stage system includes a sharpening port, a port for honing, and a polishing port which utilizes flexible belts for maximum results. Made from 100% diamond abrasives, these polishing disks create a super sharp polished edge.

It is worth considering that this sharpener in someway makes significant noise while in use, that is caused by the motor vibrations, also, it produces some metal dust while sharpening the blade. These factors shouldn’t hinder you to consider and value the machine’s superior qualities but it’s just that these aspects should be kept in mind when using in the home.

Chef Choice’s 15 XV is ideal for more experienced sharpeners who wants a time efficient device and want to keep their knives exceptionally sharp and in perfect condition. Note that it is also ideal to convert 20° blades to an Asian-style 15° for those who want it. Hence, if you are searching for a faster, easier alternative to whetstone sharpening or other traditional methods, then the Trizor XV can prove to be a well-made choice for you.

  • Appropriate for straight edge and serrated blades
  • Able to convert a standard 20° blade to sharper 15° damage-free
  • Flexible polishing disk to achieve best results
  • 3 stage ‘Edge Select’ system provides variety of uses
  • 100% diamond abrasives
  • Can restore dull blades in seconds

  • Noise from motor vibrating
  • Produces metal dust
  • Plastic guards can require care/upkeep
  • Takes time to get used to


Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

What’s truly amazing about our choice of this Presto electric sharpener is its simplicity in design and functions. Because many people want to go for a simple sharpener that is easy to use without any complicated features to get their job done at earliest and efficiently without getting into any inconvenience.

This solid sharpener has very clear and easy instructions on how to use it, and you can get your knife sharpened in no time if you fully follow the instructions. Its work process follows two steps, which uses a two-stage sharpening system and is good for sharpening almost any type of knife blades, except toothed ones.

As its sharpening system consists of two sides- one for a rough grind and the other for fine grind- with each having two wheels. This is to ensure that your knife blades are razor sharp.

This simple yet efficient sharpener product ensures consistency in sharpening by the presence of precision blade guides. The guides with the product save you time from trying to find out the right angle to sharpen your razors and knifes by placing the knife at just the perfect angle, so that you get great, consistent results every time you sharpen.

All in all, it’s a simple to use and durable machine, which is geared with sharpening wheels, made of a very hard and high-quality material called Sapphirite. Sapphirite, is used in professional knife shops, and hence provides you professional grade sharpening results.

  • Precision guides for consistency in sharpening
  • Two-stage sharpening system, coarse and Fine grind
  • Long-lasting sharpening wheels
  • Cost-effective

  • Cannot sharpen serrated knives
  • Sharpening angle is not adjustable


Chef’s Choice 130 – Professional knife-sharpening station

Another option from Chef’s Choice is 130 Professional, ideal for touching up standard 20° blades. It offers hassle free, straightforward method and is suitable for both straight edge and serrated knives.

It follows three-stage system that allows you to separately sharpen, hone and polish your knives. Using its high quality 100% diamond abrasive disks in stage 1, you can re sharpen your blades in seconds. On the other hand, stage 2 uses super hardened miniature steel to attain a razor-sharp edge with microscopic serrations for extra sharp cut. This is non-motorized stage and you can make use of it as often as needed till stage 1 sharpening is required.

Whereas, stage 3 uses an ultra-fine flexible stropping disk to create a smooth edge on straight blades, as well to sharpen serrated blades. You will surely notice the difference here that sue to the shape of the serrated blade, it will not sharpen it completely but it will give it a new tenancy of life.

We highly recommend this electric knives sharpener for beginners and amateurs because the instructions are easy to follow, and its angle guide ensures an accurate 20° edge. And to achieve the best sharpening results, we do recommend reading the instructions closely and practicing first.

Know that we do not recommend this knife sharpener by Chef’s Choice if you want to decrease the angle to a sharper edge on any blade. For instance, a standard Asian-style kitchen knife will be 15° whereas, the 130 Professional is best used on USA standard 20° kitchen knives or blades for less delicate work on hunting knives or pocket knives.

This 130 Professional model from Chef’s Choice is a safe and easy substitute to whetstone sharpening or other traditional method. It helps to maintain and increase knives for coming years. If you want to spend on a machine that can work well with most standard European and US blades with minimum effort, then this model definitely worth your consideration.

  • Right for straight edge and serrated blades
  • Flexible polishing disk
  • 100% diamond abrasives
  • Precise angle guides
  • 3 stage system covers all tasks
  • Best for standard 20° blades
  • Easy to follow instructions

  • Requires some skill/knowledge to use
  • Does not sharpen serrated knives completely
  • Not consistent results
  • Blades won’t be as sharp as with other models


Wusthof PEtec – Electric Sharpener From a Reputable Knife Brand

Wusthof PEtec sharpener’s origin is very interesting since it is a result of a combined effort of the top two companies behind knife making and knife sharpening. Wusthof is a renowned German company well-known for making high-performance knives, whereas Chef’s choice is a company that has been making knife sharpeners for years. These two companies joined forces in bringing out Wusthof PEtec electric sharpener and you can be sure here that it must be a kind of product that would meet your expectations.

This sharpener features the use of PEtec, which means Precision Edge Technology, and it means is that it will re-profile your knife’s edges to give a 14 degrees knife bevel angle, which is very precise and sharp. To bring out this amazing result, this device has a three-stage process and slots that are geared with diamond abrasives. The first two stages involves diamond abrasive wheels; one for rough grinding, and another for honing and the last stage involve a stropping disc to polish the knife blades.

Apart from that, all the three slots have flexible angle guides, which guides you to sharpen the knife through the right sharpening angle so all you need to do is to track the knives gently through each slot, without having to figure out the right angle. Moreover, this model has a sleek and simple design with grey and steel accents, which will make it a great addition to any modern kitchen décor too.

It’s a well-made, an all-rounder electric knife sharpener. It’s simple to use, and can complete a wide range of tasks, without any insecurity as it comes from a trusted name. If you’re looking for a machine that is a jack of all sharpening trades and can do a bit of everything, that too without compromise, then this can be the model for you.

  • Efficient, easy to use and best for beginners
  • Magnetic insert clasps metal filings
  • Strong motor
  • Precise knife guide
  • Puts sharper edge on old blades deprived of any damage
  • 3 stage system
  • Wide application mechanism for a variety of different blades

  • Soft plastic parts are likely to damage
  • Tricky to sharpen right up to the bolster

Tips for Using an Electric Knife Sharpener

After purchasing one from our through review guide of electric knife sharpeners, there are some few essential tips that will help you use the device more accurately for maximum output;

  • Make sure that the respective slot provided fits the knife blade well before you begin using the sharpener
  • Usually, most sharpeners have at least two sharpening slots or stages; one for uneven grind, while the second one for a finer grind. Always, run the knife through the first and then go to the finer grind stage for polishing.
  • Put your knife in the suitable slot and hold it down confidently and strongly, but do not apply too much pressure, else you may run your knife to the risk of getting damaged.
  • Begin from the heel of the blade and run the knife through the slot by pulling slowly towards you and up to the tip. And repeat this step two times on either side of the blade. That makes it four times in all.
  • Test the sharpness of the knife once you done sharpening and if it is still dull, repeat the process again.
  • Once you are satisfied with the sharpening work and achieve the required sharpness, rinse the knife and dry.

All the points that have been mentioned are general instructions, so you need to follow the instructions from the manufacturer contained in the owner’s manual as those would contain instructions for the particular product.


Having an electric knife sharpener at home or for commercial use is a stress free and easy way to take proper care of your knives, and we hope that this review guide has removed your confusion concerning how to buy one. Now that you know which and how the best electric sharpeners in the market are, you can surely make a wise purchase when you look for and buy the sharpener that you find to be the perfect match for you. With an electric knife sharpener by your side, you will be able to experience a razor-sharp cutting experience that will surely add the joy of cooking.


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