8 Must Read Truths about People, Relationships and Life

Here you will find some painful truths about life, relationship, and people. Some people would define life as a deep, breathtaking and extremely challenging life journey. Others might term it as a perfect life roller-coaster.

The harry potter fans might call it a bumpy ride and some others might just wish that they could get out of this life maze as soon as possible.

So yeah, everyone has a different perspective of life and that is okay. I mean some days in my life I feel like giving up and sleeping for like 10 days straight.

And there are days that make me feel that life is nothing but a wonderful journey with new experiences and incredible rides and that life is beautiful.

Thus, it just changes from time to time and nothing remains the same. The twists and turns make life worth it and that is what life is. When everything seems to be going just perfect.


Who wouldn’t enjoy the upsides of the path called life, when everything around them is joyous and amazing?

Getting that perfect job and marrying your soul mate makes life like a bed of roses. But if you get divorced and your boss fires you off; that same bed of roses is filled with thorns . And tour life gets upside down?

If you don’t wish to escape reality, then you would be well aware of the fact that where life is filled with breaking and moments which make you cry; there are certainly cherishing and good times as well.

Everything goes hand in hand in this life. But you can’t deny the fact that life is a gift.

Getting to breathe every morning is an incredible life-gift in itself.

Life is a battle between choosing the right and the wrong. It gets tough if you make the wrong choice but every another second is a new chance to change the wrongs into right and to be what you want to be in your life.

You are never aware of the fact that you are going to make it out in life or not but hope is what keeps you driving.

And hope is the worst and the best drug of all in this life,

I guess there is so much on life to say that an article might not just fill up on it. I mean, you can’t even sum up life in a complete book.

Life is something that you can just keep on talking about, right?

So let’s just allow some simple truths to sum it up for us.

These simple quotes are here to describe what one must do in life, and how to deal with it or life relationships.

They also reveal some amazing life truths about it all.

Painful truths about life, relationship, and people:

1. Courage isn’t about being afraid:

In life, there are so many times we tell ourselves that we can do this or that. We pull together courage somehow to look beyond the possibilities.

I have a lot of friends who tell me that you are never afraid of anything and you achieve anything in life you want once your eyes are set on it and to be honest, it feels so amazing.

I mean, those idiots don’t even know that there is no one who doesn’t get scared of something.

Everyone has a point where they are scared in their life.

Being courageous in life is not about not being afraid. It is about looking beyond the fear and not letting it stop you from achieving something.

A great tip for life, isn’t it?

2. Loving People:

These days, everyone is so sick of life relationships and the word love.

But have we ever wondered that why this amazing life word, carries endless feelings with it but has become the evil one?

Well, it is because we have started to misinterpret it.

Love is all about loving people in life for who they are and not for whom you want them to be and not judging anybody in life.

The moment you start thinking this in life that the next person should be what you want to see them as the disconnection starts.

3. Friends or Friends for Life?

We have so many friends in life we hang around and enjoy being with but only for some time. And then there is a friend or maybe two friends who seem to bring in the happiness from within you.

These are your friends for life! But how do you get to know the difference between friends who stay with you for merely some time or someone who can stay with you for a lifetime?

This reminded me of a quotation, which just fits in here perfectly.

You never know the true quality of someone’s character until the road gets rocky.

I hope this is enough to get you through with judging and understanding who your friends for life are!

4. Some Walks are Meant to be Taken Alone:

So with this one, we all have to agree. This is a major truth of life and as soon as we understand this, life gets a bit easier.

We stop relying on people for unnecessary things and man up for handling different situations ourselves.

In life, there are a lot of times when you need a shoulder to cry on but you are all alone in your life.

You wish that there was someone in your life to wipe off your tears, but you need to clean your dirty nose with the sleeve of your worn out sweatshirt, By the way, sorry for the mind-image…it’s funny how you guys are all serious yet picturing a running nose…well now you are… come on.

There are times when you just sit in your toilet, even when you don’t have to poop…wondering what life has done to you or what will come next. Ok no more seriously.

There are times when you wish a car could hit you and you were dead but that doesn’t ever happen because you are meant to be a problem for the world (LOL).

Anyways, the point here is that there are a lot of times when you wish you had someone beside you but you are all alone. And that is how it has to be or is meant to be. Some walks of life are meant to be alone.

This is how we are taught something and grow as a better or a different person in life.

It is not important to have a hand, to walk you through the tough paths. Believe in yourself. Believe in Life.

5. Losing a Loved One:

This is not only about the relationships we have these days.

A friend can betray you or just wave a goodbye in your face due to some life misunderstandings.

The thing is that when you lose someone, you thought would never leave; you can trust God to bring in someone who you never even dreamt of in the first place in your life.

Want me to explain it a bit?

You get so used to your boyfriend/girlfriend that you start imaging them as your personal oxygen cylinder, you know your life, your everything.

All you know is that they breathe life into you. You never dream of leaving them but hello?

They might leave you and that is what happens in life.

A person you thought, would never leave you, is gone forever from your life.

The sadness and grief are there but at the same time, you need to know that you will be getting someone better.

Maybe someone who looks like Brad Pitt?/Angelina Jolie? Well, maybe that was just an over exaggeration but I am just trying to give life hope, you know?

If life can remove someone you never dreamed of losing, it can replace them with someone you never dreamt of having.


6. Integrity:

All of your education, talents and money go to waste when you can’t treat people in the right way in this life.

It takes mere seconds for someone to judge you and what if you are caught being bad to someone?

Your life image goes running down the hill. Bosses who are always rude to their employees are always thought of low lives and that is where their education and money is NOTHING. Their struggle in life went nowhere.

Integrity is everything in life.

The way you treat people is what defines you. Your degree or bank account details won’t define you as a human being. In life, integrity is the key to success and a better, happier life.

7. Being Strong:

Here are some simple tips to know when you decide to be a stronger person in life.

Be strong in life but not rude. Be kind but not weak.

Try to be bold in life but no bullying. Be humble but not timid.

Stay proud in a life of yourself but not arrogant.

In life, if you follow these 5 simple things, it sets you on the right path and makes the journey much easier for you.

8. Best Love:

I would vote for family love as the best love! But when we talk about all kinds of love be that a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, a husband/wife relation or maybe your friends…do you know what makes it the best kind of love in life?

The best kind of love in life is the one which doesn’t change you and loves you for who you are and what you wish to be.

However, it slowly makes you a better person in life, without you having to notice it.

“Love makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself.”


Life is not perfect.

For all those people who strive for being perfect; know that nothing is perfect. Yes, you can strive for it so that you can gain excellence but there is actually no need to be perfect for anyone. There is no need to be perfect to inspire others.

Let others gain inspiration from who you actually are. what we make it but the hard and good times keep flowing forward and backward.

It is always good to accept the truths of life and relationships so that life can be made a bit easier.

You only live once, so live with all your heart and energy and don’t let the bad times turn you down.

  1. Hi

    There is a lovely quote about “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime” and knowing the difference.

    I had a very close friend – in fact she was actually a teacher who became a friend. Then we split up.

    I now realise that we split because she had taught me the lesson I needed from her and she moved on to someone else who needed what she had to teach. I still value greatly all the things she taught me, but our time together was finished.

    Other great points, but that was the one that really hit home to me.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Thanks for commenting. Yea of-course people come and go…but some of them just leave those precious memories behind that we cherish for the rest of our lives … its funny I am posting such a serious comment against a stupid banana dancing.. but yea =D

  2. Hi Usman

    Love you thoughts on People , relationship and life and while people might be hurt by this truth, it is just the way it is.

    Thanks for sharing your insight. Take Care

  3. Hi,

    Welcome to PAC.

    Great post and I love the pics.

  4. Hi Usman,

    This is my first visit to your blog! Great post, enjoyed reading it.

    My favorite is #4 – Some walks are meant to be taken alone – we grow a lot by doing this.


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