Why Every Home Should have a Pet?

Pets are simply awesome and everybody should have them, they are the lovely creatures that demand our attention and love and in return they make us learn the true meaning of humanity and affection. They give us enriching experiences to become a better human being. Having pets is not only about your affection for them. It comes with a lot of other benefits too.

We have compiled 7 reasons why everybody should have a pet. You may also like our other post on cats vs dogs.

Reasons why every home should have a pet

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why every home should have a pet

We face a lot of stress in daily life.

Whether it is work pressure, family problems, relationship issues or whatever. It does not only affect our health but also makes us mentally weak and frustrated. Keeping pets provides somewhat of a better companionship.

You can share your thoughts, talk in any tone without getting a negative response.

Pets will comfort you a lot, they will play with you. It will keep you distracted. The probability of indulging yourself in negative thoughts decreases and they calm down you but also keep you positive towards life problems.

Little entertainers:

Pets are the real entertainers.

Their behaviors and personalities are hilarious and unique. Cat wiggle is the cutest thing that can make anyone laugh within a second. They are true attention seekers.

They often respond when you scold them and they make strange voices in reply. It’s sometimes astonishingly funny.

They are just funny and they are fun to hold. The laser thing to do with a cat is pretty hilarious by the way. I myself am a dog person by the way.

I mean I do not own a dog but still but I guess they are more faithful and you can teach them a lot of tricks and plus you know “Hachiko“.

They give you a sense of responsibility:

pets give you sense of responsibility
A person like me and many of our generation are way too careless. We often get scolded by our elders that at-least you should do is to take care of your things and yourself.

Within seconds we even forget that and get busy with our stuff.

But pets are there to make you responsible. You know you have to take care of them. Buy scat mats for them. Buy a wireless electric dog fence too. It’s a solution for everyone who wants to make their children sensible.

You started doing all the work yourself whether to give your pet a meal, bath, comb her hair, cut her nails etc. It’s no exaggeration to say that if you can handle a pet, you can definitely raise your children well and boy let me tell I can not raise a child!

They make you a better communicator:

why every home should have a pet
An amazing fact of keeping a pet is that it can make you a better communicator.

Most our time is spent in communicating whether verbal or nonverbal. Communicating with a pet, understanding its non-verbal communication can make you better understand the body language of people around you.

A person with better communication and understanding can easily create relationships in both personal and professional life.” My friend explained to me all this.

By the way, if you do not agree with me, join me, because I argued a lot about this with my friend.

I mean how can pets make one a better communicator but my friend says the otherwise.

They guard you:

pets try to protect you
Pets can be your security guards.

They can sense danger around them immediately and they are famous for their sensing ability along with the fact that they guard you and keep you away from the hazard.

This might only include dogs.

They provide loving companionship:

why every home should have a pet
Companionship is the utmost need for an individual. A lonely person can lead to depression and other mental issues.

If you are alone, pets will act as your best mates. You won’t be able to live happily without them once you have them and they won’t be able to survive without you.

They create a bond of loyalty and adoration.

The famous Hachiko story has really touched our hearts. A lifetime regarded story of faithfulness.

If you are hearing this word “Hachiko” for the first time, then I’d recommend you the movie on it.

It is totally worth it if you are an animal person, especially if you are a dog person.

They keep you socially connected:

Pets keep you connected with people especially with those having pets. Interesting stories, chats related to your pet is really an amusement. You post your pets photos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social websites and gets complimented.

You talk about your pet, encourage others to keep them (again like I am doing) as well and many of people around you might want to meet your pet. In this way, you get socially connected as well as your social circle expands.

In a materialistic world where devotion and compassion are fading day by day. Pets are there to keep humanity alive.

When you look after your pet, taking care of every little thing and fulfilling all their needs. You start developing a similar relationship with people around you. You started thinking about little happiness and maintain respectable relations. They keep you alive. Have pets and stay away from distress.


Pets are good but you gotta be able to look after them. They are stress revealing. They guard you, entertain you, keep you socially connected and give you a sense of responsibility.  See the Best Gadgets Every Dog Owner Needs

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