6 Ways to Deal with Rejection; It’s not All about You ALWAYS

Deal with Rejections: When someone approves of you, you feel like that little kid who is clapping hands with glee. And the best feeling is when someone you love approves that they love you back.

But have you ever thought that the word approval never comes without the word rejection?

Who would ever want rejection?

It is one of the most hated feelings!

But you simply cannot have approval, of anything without its utter opposite; rejection.

Just like you know that love and hate exist and then cold and hot exist, similarly, approval and rejection exist side by side.

Rejection or approval is certainly not all about your love life. It is a part of almost every journey of your life. It can be your career life as well.

For instance, whenever you are rejected or you are fired, you feel like the most useless person on planet Earth. So you see? Rejection does that to us!

Just like you have a formula for your mathematics problems, your life equation is quite incomplete without rejection. One way, or at one turn or another, it comes to hug you (even when we don’t want it to).

When you face rejection you will simply start hating yourself for every single thing. You will start hating that weirdness of yours that you embraced with such confidence…it will all seem to be the reason for why you got rejected in the first place.

We humans just need a reason to blame something or simply everything in our life, don’t we?

But, if we try to accept the fact that we cannot run away from rejection and adapt ourselves to this that, not everyone will adore us, like us or appreciate us, things will definitely get easy.

But if we look around u, we will see that it is not always about us. It is also about the people around us and the reasonings that they might have at their end. So here are some simple tips that will help you deal with rejection the right way.

1. Deal with rejections; Admit it:

This might make me sound rude but this is quite true. Whenever we get rejected, we feel like everyone around us has secretly planned it all out. It’s like you starting eyeing everyone with those negative eyeballs (again the GIF), seeing them as the reasons for why you couldn’t get what you wanted.

But let’s stop feeling sympathetic for ourselves. This is the worst you can do to yourself.

Deal with the fact and accept it as well, that is not all about you. You can see this as the harshest thing ever but the fact is that you don’t have control over everything in your life.

You cannot control how your days and months and years will go on.

They won’t unfold according to your plans.

That is why they say; MAN PROPOSES AND GOD DISPOSES of.

I am not saying that you don’t need to plan anything out for your life, you obviously need to do that.

But sometimes, the unexpected does happen. This is why they said in “IF I STAY”:

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

Sometimes you are rejected not because you are the wrong one or you aren’t enough. It is just because someone else needs to be added to that place and you have some better place to go off to. See it as this and you will see how wonderfully you get over it.

2. Gratitude is Important:

Not everyone can be grateful and that is an art as well. Realizing the fact that you have a lot more than a lot of people out there and being thankful for it makes you feel better in all. It makes life better, positive and radiating.

Appreciating the things you already have instead of not looking at things that you wanted and you never got them, is a major skill. If I don’t get my MC Chicken Burger, I feel extremely frustrated sometimes.

But the thing is that appreciating the things you already have brings in awareness, that you have a lot to be thankful for rather than crying over one simple thing that you did not get.

You are probably going to find it hard. It’s like trying to eat noodles with those amazing Chinese stick for the very first time but if you practice, you will certainly make it happen.

So, practice gratitude and rejection won’t let you down. It will timely (obviously) but not in the long run.

3. Let the Emotions Flow Out:

You are obviously going to feel the anger, sadness, depression, and rage. It all comes along.

And it is okay.

Don’t get mad at yourself for feeling it all. Don’t think that feeling defeated or angry or sad is going to make you a loser. Let it flow in and out.

Give yourself some personal space and time to heal from it but you are not allowed to take forever.

Know that you have to get up again and get ahead of what rejected you. Understand the fact that the pain will end and you will be just fine!

4. This isn’t Just Happening to You:

This is a human feeling and everyone or anyone can feel it.

Every human has experienced and will experience it. And you won’t only live through it once…you might have to face it again and again.

Knowing that you are not the only one in it, will make you feel a bit better and will help you fight.

It’s just like you used to tell your parents that almost half the class failed an exam so you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just like that!

5. Look for a Lesson Inside that Rejection Punch:

This is tough man…it’s like someone punches you and then tells you that they did so with a good intention. But rejection does teach you something or the other…it is more of a fact and not a tip.

It is natural; whenever you don’t get what you had aimed for, you think of speculating your choices and current situation.

You had planned something else as an outcome but that doesn’t seem to happen; so be your goal or your plan great for you?

You will find out where you did the mistakes and where you failed to live the challenge.

Rejection is more like your teacher; it guides you. You are able to understand and think about your strengths and weaknesses from a better and much closer perspective.

Rejection does make you feel like it’s the end of a road, but the reality is that it is just the beginning of something more wonderful and different. Something that awaits your approval maybe!

6. Rejection Shouldn’t Define You:

We do great things and nobody really sees us. And then POP; there is this one thing and everything in the world seems to shatter and we become like this poor dog, all sad and demotivated.

For some people; hey this isn’t the first time right?

And it won’t be the last even.

And if you are facing your very first rejection, know that it keeps coming and going in life.

Don’t let it overpower you.

Make yourself important.

Realize that one rejection is not going to make you any smaller or any less important to the people you love and those who love you.

A lot of people let themselves go tumbling down the hill after rejection.

They feel like they had the only chance in their life and its gone from their hands. But it’s not only rejection; any event that happens in your life is not supposed to define you.

Think of this; rejection isn’t or doesn’t mean a NO. It just means that the timing isn’t right and the time might come sometime later.


Let rejection be; consider it as what it is. It just a part of life and let it be what it is. Don’t give it more power over you.

Rejection is part of the game, we call life.

If you accept this as what it is, then you will be quite ready to fight off rejection when it finally comes in. Also, know that you cannot make it stop from happening.

You only have one thing in control; work hard and make sure that you don’t have any regret left behind. If it still doesn’t work out then know that it isn’t supposed to happen for you. Just as I said above, it isn’t the right time.

Don’t ruin your life over a single rejection. Not everyone is going to appreciate you and that is okay. Life is full of rocks and a lot of people will throw them at you.

Don’t fear rejection; just let it pass away as the wind.

The effects will come but if you accept it as a part of your life, then fighting it will become easier.

So let’s just wrap it up like this; don’t fear or reject rejection. Take it as a part of your life and move on.

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