6 Ways To Be True To Yourself In Life

Stay Self-Honest In Life: E.E Cummings said it right:

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

As simple and sweet as it might sound when people tell us to simply be ourselves, it does shake a lot of us from within. It brings out the reassurance from you but at the same time, we feel confused as to what people mean when they say; “just be yourself.” What is the core of being ourselves or how can we be just ourselves?

It also sounds weird because how can we be anyone else when we own our mind, body, and soul?

Nobody stays the same as life brings the worst and best out of us at one point or another. But it only helps people who want to help themselves.

Just like they say that you can only help people who want help or who want to do better in life. Similarly, life cannot unleash your real potential if you are not willing to work for it or make an effort for it. We can be the worst version of ourselves at a time and sometimes we are the best version as well.

At times, we don’t even know where we stand. There are a lot of variations of who we really are, in the journey of life.

There is no one way to unleash the real you or to be true to who you really are. Here are some ways to be true to you and lead a happy and content life.

Until you don’t feel comfortable with whom you are, there is no way you can feel satisfied with your life. And life is such a beautiful thing that it demands to be felt every step of the way.

Don’t Hate the People who Stumble:

There comes a point in life when we all stumble. When life seems like it would end any other second and everything goes in the wrong direction. So before you start hating people who fall down or get off the track of life remember that we all stumble sometimes. Accept that you have stumbled or you might stumble at one point or another.

Be Responsible for your Own Life:

When we start thinking of “how to be true to you” and we begin to seek ways to do so, we have matured. And when you have matured, it is better to shoulder your own life and take responsibility for it. This is where your self-esteem finally comes in action. Once you accept that it is your duty to make your life good or bad, you discover a lot about you.

The Big Picture:

We all have that one goal that we want to fulfill or achieve. Make sure that you are not living for one. Ask yourself what do you really want to be a doctor or are you in the Biology class because the field is well-reputed? Do you feel that this will take you to the “big picture” of your life? Remember that what you do is what you become. So better do what you love and what brings the best from within you.

Remember that We all Will Die:

Steve Jobs said that the best way to live is to remember that we all will die. This makes us realize the uncertainty of life. We don’t have a forever as you never know that you are going to have the next minute in this life or not. So simply remember that this life can be taken away from you and this will help you in being yourself automatically.

Live in the Moment:

This is tough as what happened yesterday might be a bitter truth and your today gets affected by it largely. But try to live in the moment. When you decide that your problems are there and you have to fight them with strength, you start breathing in the moment and you begin to cherish every single moment. This is what makes a life.


Out daily stresses and anxieties have made us forget that we need to laugh also. We need to cherish our life and live it. However, even in the saddest times, remember to laugh off the worries!


To conclude this wonderful topic, isn’t it fair to say that in order to be true to ourselves, we need to be positive about our life. We need to shoulder our mistakes and failures. We also need to remember what we did right so that we feel good about ourselves. Be kind to yourself because you don’t have to be harsh in order to be true to your very own self. Remember, that this life is temporary and you might have the last minutes to be who you are.

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