5 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

So how to break out of your shell and comfort zone? Stepping outside your comfort zone is the first step to growth.

No, it isn’t anything like a complaint and we are not promoting your height growth or something. It is the growth of your personality.

Taking risks to step outside your own little world of comfort is scary. The thought itself is a little frightening. That is what makes stepping out of it, a bit tough.

But if you come to think of it; comfort zones aren’t about your comfort and peace, they are more about what you fear.

So you eventually have to break through those chains of fear to take risks, come out of that tiny box of yours and avail new opportunities by allowing yourself to grow as a human

You might be like; saying this all is easy but trust me, I know it ain’t a piece of cake. But once you try it and you see how great it is, you will get addicted to taking chances and trying something new now and then.

Let’s say it is another kind of addiction. Sadly, it is just too rare at the moment.

How to break out of your shell and comfort zone

Here are some ways which can help you step outside your comfort zone and grab new opportunities by overcoming that stupid fear of yours. Trust me; it will rush off once you stop bothering it.

1. Understanding whats outside:

This simply means that you need to explore yourself from within. What is it that you think is worth doing but at the same time, you are afraid of doing it? Maybe the fear of failure or disappointment is holding you back? Maybe you are afraid that it may not work?

To find what’s outside your comfort zone you need to turn yourself into a small child and draw a circle and then write down all such things (which you think can go wrong)  around that circle.

To be more precise, you just have to make a mind map. This will not only open the world of your discomforts but will also make you realize what your comfort zone really was (nothing but a ball of fears).

So what’s the verdict here? Well, fear! It all comes down to fear of failure, fear of disappointment. Fear of you being degraded in your own eyes. Fear that will show that you are weak.

But just know this. When we fail we learn and if we just get back up there, no matter how deep we have fallen, that’s when we get out of our comfort zone.

2. Clarify your Aims:

You need to be quite clear about what you really want to achieve. You need to find your passion. What is it that you can do and never get tired of. What is it that makes you happy?

Are you hesitant about making interactions?

Is it because you think you aren’t good looking or lacking confidence? Or is it because you think you sound squeaky?

Be sure of what you are trying to overcome and how you are planning to overcome it.

3. Make Discomfort Comfortable:

This might sound weird but expand your comfort zone. All those things which make you uncomfortable; add them to your comfort box.

This way, sooner or later, your comfort zone will have no limits and it won’t be there even.

Our body is trained to adapt. It can adapt to live in even the harshest living places on this earth.

 If people living in Canada or some other cold places move to India, they would just die of heat.

Similarly, the commandos are trained to hold their breaths up to 5 minutes, where a normal person can only do so for a minute top. So the point is our body can adapt.

And so we can make those discomforts somewhat easier for us.

If we talk about social interactions here (which many people have in their discomfort zones),  you can simply try to stay in that place for a little longer and start getting used to such situations and environments. Just give it time. Push yourself in that discomfort zone because that is the only way you will adapt to it.

Try talking to people on your own. Check out my article on, “How to break the awkward silence” as well. As long as you stay in your discomfort area, it will start to add up to your comfort zone.

4. Failure is your Teacher:

All of us fear failure. I mean I could give up anything in the world to turn an F on the grading sheet into a C even. This is how it is; nobody wants to fail.

If you fail, don’t take it to heart. Well, you should take it to your heart so that it molds you in a better way.

What did you learn from that experience? How can you amend your mistakes to avoid that F on the grade sheet? Failure is not only about studies, it’s just an example, okay? You need to learn from failures, be they of any kind.

When we fail, we learn from that mistake. So the next time we are more confident, we are less scared of failure and us more prepared! So failing is nothing more than learning. Just never give up!!

5. Small Baby Steps:

Don’t jump out of your comfort box and start diving into all pools of discomfort at once.

You are going to fall back in quite quick.

Take small steps. Start embracing one fear and discomfort at a time.

If you fear social interactions, you can start practicing at home. You don’t have to walk out that door right away to kill that discomfort.

Go slow on yourself hon. Slowly make your way up. Take one problem at a time solve it and then move on to the next. That’s the only way. If you feel you are not confident enough. Work on that. Check this out & this too. If you feel you are not motivated enough. Learn to stay motivated. (click here)

One step at a time!


Sitting inside your home and getting ditched at all the best events and parties is like missing out on your youth. Just because you don’t feel comfortable with people, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to face them ever!
The comfort zone is something that you make for yourself. You can break through it easily (if you wish to). It doesn’t let you breathe in the surroundings and makes you feel isolated. You don’t even get to grab new opportunities. So it is always great to overcome your fears and embrace something new life.

Take a deep breath, step outside and just have one hope; everything will be alright.

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