Tired of living a mediocre life? – 5 Ways to Change that!

Are you tired of living a mediocre life? Well, it’s time for a change. Failure Is Not An Option. Who doesn’t want to be the next shooting star? Everybody wishes to take themselves to the next level. It is not just a business world fight or maybe a competition for better grades.

People now consider getting 1K followers on Instagram as their next level also.

So you can say that there is an endless tug of war between people to win the best that they can.

So what to do about being tired of living a mediocre life

We all have great jobs and we can’t be thankful enough for having the best grades back in school as well. But still, there is something inside us that is waiting to burst! What is that? And how can you help it burst open so that you can take your limits to the heights?

How can you take your normal level to the next level?

How can you alter your mediocracy to something brilliant?

1. Own it Up:

Have you heard Shaggy’s song from the 2000’s; It Wasn’t Me? Well, you need to listen to it for sure. You will understand why I suggested it here, once you have heard it and don’t forget to watch its video as well.

Owning up your own mistake might make you fall into mud. A lot of new problems might wave you a hello in your face. But you will be respected by a lot of people.

They will admire you for accepting your own fault and see how you own up to your issues bravely.

This is how you grow up to brilliant as you take initiative and accept your own flaws.

2. Right Time:

How people keep telling you that they will do something when the right time comes. And until their right time comes, a lot of people might be cursing you by then.

The truth is that no time is actually the “right” time.

You never know what might happen next, until and unless you don’t dive in.

You will keep waiting for the right time to speak your mind, say what you feel or give an idea to your boss; it won’t ever come until you decide to just pull in.

The best way to turn your mediocre level to a brilliant one is to start taking chances and do what you feel like, at the time you feel like.

3. Failure Is Not An Option:

If you wait for one thing to be just perfect; you will keep working on it. The time that you might have utilized to work on another project…just goes wasted on the one which you want to make perfectos.

You need to learn that perfection is just a myth.

If you dump perfection and try gaining excellence, you will start competing with I want to do better than I did in the last presentation.

And you will definitely be appreciated if you complete your wok in time and strive to be better every day.

4. Feel Like it:

I know the pain of this one. There are doers and then there are people who wait to work until they feel like doing it.

And the best excuse for it is that they do best when they feel like doing it. That is the best recipe of the worst dish ever; mediocracy.

If you prefer sitting and waiting for your mood to lift up, you will keep waiting.

Obviously, you won’t feel like doing it all the time. So this is where the doers win the game.

If you want to perk up from mediocracy, you need to believe in yourself and become a doer.

You need to do something not because you feel like doing it; but because you have got to do it.

5. Stand out:

When we were small, our parents use to tell us to look up at followers and become someone like them.

However, they always told us to stay quiet when a majority agrees with something. The message is lost somewhere in between.

Have you ever noticed how almost all leading people came up with different ideas and how their versatile ideas earned them huge respect and love.

If you want to gain excellence, don’t feel afraid to speak up your mind. Say it and you never know that, that one thing might earn you something you have always dreamt of. So standing out is certainly a plus point in life.


Everyone wants to take their life to the next level but, excuse me? Who is working for it? Just a few people are actually doing something for it.
If you want to make a change in your life and take things to a different level; work for it. Change your thoughts as they say:
“What you think is that you become.”
I hope these tips help you along your journey of perking up mediocracy to excellence.

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