5 Ways to Conquering Your Fear

There is something that will scare everyone. People, who say that they are not fearful of anything, usually lie. There is always a way to fight whatever you are scared of and conquer fear. Motivation is the ultimate key to getting rid of your fear. You also need to be sure that no one, apart from you, knows your weaknesses or qualms. It is your personal matter and if you keep it with yourself, it will be easier to overcome your fear.

1. Take Some Time for Yourself:

There is a lot to do these days, in our daily lives which make it stressful. When you are facing anxiety or are fearful of something, your capacity to think straight fails. You are not able to find a solution to whatsoever is bothering you. So to escape whatever is making you feel fearful, you need to calm yourself down.

Don’t allow your fear to overpower you. Sit aside and focus on your breathing.

Take 15-20 minutes out from the situation and sit alone. All you need to do is focus on yourself and meditate.

This is going to relax you and that is the primary step to fighting fear.

2. Breathe to conquer fear:

When you decide to face something you fear, your palms get sweaty and your heartbeat races. These are the usual symptoms that people face whenever they are put forth in a situation that has something which makes them dreadful. The best thing that you can do is to not fight it back or panic further in the struggle of making these feeling subside.

You need to stay wherever you are or grab a chair and settle yourself. Now, you need to feel the panic.

Yes, this might sound a little hard but you need to let the heartbeat race and your palms get sweaty.

Trying to fight such situations usually, puts you into them for a longer time. Start breathing slowly and it is preferred that you place your palm in the center of your stomach while you breathe deeply. This aids immensely in making your heartbeat jump back to normal and the feelings start to resolve down.

Visit here and see some breathing techniques.

3. Face the Fears:

This is what people, who are looking to overcome fears, are most fearful of.

The major question they arise is that why do they need to overcome it and then the how pops in!

Firstly, if you are allowing something to make you scared, you are handing it power.

Your fear keeps increasing. However, even when this is difficult when you face your fear you actually start to get rid of it. It starts to fade away and its potential to scare you is diminished.

4. Think what could be worse?

You need to look onto the other side of fear; what could be ever worse than your phobia of heights?

Worse can be jumping off that height and dying. Or you might get a heart attack?

The more you start to chase your own fear, the faster you will make it run away or you will finally conquer it. So peek into other possibilities and then think about how small your fear is in front of the worse that could happen.

5. Let Positivism Control the Situation:

Positive people usually are the ones who don’t allow their fear to overpower them. The majority of people don’t believe this fact but it is utterly true.

If you think positive and you allow positivism to flow through your mind and heart, you are able to distract yourself from your fears.

For instance, you might have height phobia. But if you try thinking that you can see the sky closely or you can stand on a cliff and see the world lying below and beyond you; nothing would be more perfect. So it is better to think positively out of every fearful situation and grab the positive side to make you walk through it easily.


There are several times when you need to face your fears and go ahead of them. According to psychology, the harder you chase your fear, the faster it runs away from you. And the more you allow it to rule your mind, the more it will gather your heart and brain into the fears of your life.

You can talk to a psychiatrist if you think that your fear is overpowering you. You can also talk to your friends and family so that they help you conquer it. Think about the scary situations positively and try wondering off to situations that could be harder than the one you are stuck in.

Conquering your fear is only going to be hard if you make it or think of it in that manner. Once you allow yourself to break through them; it will be really easy.

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