5 Things That Kill Your Creativity

Creativity is a gift from God. If you are a creative person you are definitely going to be aware of the positivity it brings in life. But God Forbid if your creativity is reaching out from you and is hiding in the dark shadows, then this might be disturbing your soul and mind. On the other hand, there are people who wish to get creative but they don’t feel it reaching them. So what is it that kills your creativity?

Here are some things that I have listed which kill your creativity.

Failure is a Killer:

The very first thing which kills your creativity is a failure. Failure makes people fearful and nobody wants to face it in life. Indeed, failure is the worst thing that anyone can face in life. Sometimes we try something we love to do but when we attempt it, we face failure. This starts killing your creativity, especially for that certain thing that you attempted.

Don’t let failure get to your heart and mind.

Not Following Your Heart:

Always follow your heart never let your inner talent die just for the sake of people. Never bother what people say about you and about your work. They are not going to appreciate you at any cost because nobody wants you to do better than them. If you want to be happy and successful in life, then you need to stop worrying about what others think.

If you don’t follow your heart, your creativity will die every day. You will feel that you are lacking behind in simply everything and you won’t be content either.

Don’t Think TOO big:

Another problem which people face is they create big pictures in their minds; they think too big. They create such a larger than life image in their mind that when it’s not achieved, they lose all hopes. And the loss of hope is the murder of creativity.

You don’t need to kill all “your visions” and you can certainly create a big picture of yourself. But remember to go with small steps. Set small goals that you know you can achieve by working hard. If you are one of those people who try to achieve something but they face failure because they don’t have that ability to achieve that specific goal, remember to never set something so big in your mind that you grow helpless and hopeless. Just think about what you can do easily and what can be better for you. Also keep in mind that doing what is better for you, will automatically boost the creativity from within you. It is what differentiates a successful vs unsuccessful mindset.

Too Much Busy Schedule:

We all are so busy in our life that we start ignoring ourselves. We forget the inner us and what we really are, for sake of the society and the parameters. This is the minus point as you stop thinking about yourself and what you want from life. You lose hope, you lose confidence and you lose your creativity. The biggest thing is that you lose yourself.

Everyone is busy and we have a lot of stress in life. But you need to remember whatever makes you alive is your strength. If you love music, then listen to music for an hour or maybe half an hour daily. This will revive your mood. If you love dancing, then just take out 20 minutes to shake your body to some groovy beat. Don’t let your busy schedules kill your moods and creativity.


Negativity is like a mind eater. It will eat your mind faster than you think as your mind diverts towards all the bad things. Even the good things in life start seeming too bad for us. And then we ask if life is even worth living.

There are neurons firing in our brain all the time. And the path they travel from one place to other depends on how many times they traveled that specific path. So the more we think negatively, the easier it gets to be more negative. And the more we think positively and ignore the negative things the more happy and positive we get.

If you start your day with positive thoughts then it will make your life better. You will feel energetic and that is what brings your creativity out from within you. The more negative you think the more creativity you kill and your mind also starts to slow down. You don’t feel joyous and your mood swings get higher. If you don’t feel energetic; how will you work on your creativity? Think!


This world is indulged in a race and everyone is too busy to take some time out for themselves. We have tensions hanging down on our heads and we hardly think positively these days. This is what makes our generation uncreative with each passing day.

Creativity is an important element that makes life beautiful and also enhances your inner self. If you are creative then you will know the joy of it for sure. However, if a creative person starts to race down; it becomes a harsh reality for them which are hard to digest. So see through the list and see if you are doing any of these things. If you feel you are, then fall out of them and say hello to your creativity again.

Life Falcon