It’s time for a change – Improve your Life

how to change your life in a year

How to change your life in a year? What are some of the life-improving techniques? It’s time for a change and I will show you how. How many times have you vowed to yourself that you are going to make your life better? And then how many times you have found yourself lying on the couch like your pet dog Tommy?

Literally how many times have you gotten those spurts of enthusiasm and then the very next day everything is gone.

They are gone with the wind! I can imagine you lying on your favorite sofa with one of your legs hanging down and the other lazily lying on the sofa arm.

You really don’t need to peep around to see if I am actually there; this is the story of almost everybody’s life these days!

All those dumb New Year’s Resolutions or the promises you make while you stare at your zombie’s face in the mirror are completely useless. Trust me they are hopeless and the weirdest ways to think that things might work out for you.

What you really need to do is to bring in some simple and positive changes within you.

To be honest, your mirror talking might help you a bit, if you do that with a happier face!

So How to change your life in a year?


A lot of people make big decisions. And that is what they need to improve. Sorry to interrupt your balloon of thoughts; you are no Bill Gates.

Start with smaller things!

Sit down at a place which is peaceful (your toilet seat maybe) and bring the best out of you.

It can be your room or a coffee shop and not necessarily your toilet!

Well, you need to jot down things that you find are disturbing your life. And then you need to write down what kind of changes you need to make. Go slow on yourself. Don’t write down possibly 100 things on the list.

As I said; start with the smaller things.

Purpose of Life:

Hold yourself back while you think that my purpose of life is to bring humanity around the world or change the political system or whatsoever.

All you need to speculate about is what you really want to achieve in your life (apart from your career line).

It can be being a more positive person or simply being happier in life or maybe stronger relationships.

Write these down in an order. And then go along with it.


You really need to be practical here. If you are Dexter or Harry Potter fan; please keep them out of your planning.

Look for ways you can make your decisions and purposes come true. A reminder here is; use your common sense and stay within the practicalities of your life.


Majority of people hate reading books and this is why they miss out the best friends they can ever have!

You need to read books that inspire you. And if you hate reading books, then you can look up for quotations that bring out the hero within you.

Oh, and you can obviously write them creatively on sticky notes and paste them in your room so that they cross your eye now and then.


Everything requires practice. When I first started playing guitar, I could hardly play a single chord. Now I can even shred. (It’s just a cool name of “I can play fast”)

So it’s not all about planning and wasting your time in all of this.

The next thing you know, you are going down with your grades and you are actually achieving nothing at all as well.

So you just need to practice it. If you are a negative creep, then you need to surround yourself with positive people. You need to look into the brighter side of a bad situation. Seems hard, right?

This is why we say, practice makes a man perfect! And by the way, this is for a woman as well. Just so you don’t just apply it to men here!

Dump the Obstacles:

There are so many people who wish to see others drown.

They would do anything to make you move away from your mission of achieving a happier and content life.

You actually feel like dumping these people off and so you should. They aren’t minions (so you have no obvious reason to hold on to them and adore them). Minions are the best!

Well, apart from jokes, you need to stay determined about what you wish to achieve from your life. Don’t give in to obstacles and difficulties that come along the way! Just say “TWIST PLOT IN LIFE” and handle it!


So what is the crux of the matter here?

It’s all inside your head. If you try pulling your lazy pants a little up and stop loafing on that couch (which is already too tired of your weight), you might gain a better life. You need to be vigilant and bright.

And oops, don’t forget to grab positivism as well. Whatever is in your mind is what makes your life as well. So make sure that your mind is happy and bright!



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