5 Signs that tell you: “You need to change your life”

Sometimes life gets boring. It’s like your life canvas is gone all black and white and you don’t even know why. But you do get some signs, don’t you?

Like you start staying in bed all the time and you prefer food over people. There is so much more which shouts at you; change your life!

Has anyone ever told you that you need to get a life?

Well, that hurts so much, right?

It feels like someone just punched you, in your face. Didn’t it?

If you feel like people around you are excited about their lives and you just sit there, staring at them; maybe it’s time to bring in some serious change to your life.

But how will you realize that it’s time for a change? Looking up for signs?

Points That Push You To Change Your Life

Here are some signs which indicate that you need to change your life and even your life itself, is yearning for it.

1. Waiting for Friday all the Week?

I know how fun a weekend is. You are away from all that work stress, college assignments and all the BS of high school. But what I have learned along my life is that you can make everyday fun!

If you believe in saving all your fun for Friday or weekends, then you need to make some serious change in your life. Try hanging out in between of the week and see how refreshing work might seem the very next day. Just don’t get over drunk, you don’t want to sleep through work and get fired.

2. Yearning for Vacations:

Vacations are fun. I remember how I learned throughout my college for that wonderful summer break. But when you are an adult, you need to make a life, you don’t need a long vacation from. I agree that we all need a break from some stuff in our lives.

But building a life that doesn’t demand constant breaks to keep hold of is what rocks. If you just keep worrying about when you will get your next vacation break, it is better to build a lifestyle that you don’t need to escape quite often. So try to do what you love and that is what makes your life beautiful.

3. Are you focusing on your Priorities?

Do you just stop and wonder what your priorities in life are?

Take some time and write down just 3 priorities of your life.

Then take some time and think about those 3 things which you focus most on, in your life. If you are not doing what you feel like doing and what you prioritize the most in your life…

You are going to feel constant gaps and depression pangs. This is a sign that you need change.

If you focus on your priorities, you will have a feeling of fulfillment.

4. Do you know what Lights you up?

Have you ever thought about that one thing, which sparks you up entirely and brings out creativity from within you?

If you are moving in your life, without an aim or something you are passionate about; you need to do it now. You need to see what drives you or the same, dull and boring routine will keep driving you.

If you want to look up for those lights, start with seeking and discovering your passion. Find out who you are, what you want to be and how would you want to see the rest of your life as. Find those lights which will light your life up.

5. Step outside your own Box:

Someone once said:

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.

And your life becomes more exciting and amazing if you step outside of it a little bit more. Doing what you are comfortable with is easy.

But doing something you have never experienced; brings in a whole lot of new adventures for you. if you want a piece of article to let you know how to step outside your comfort zone.


Life is too short to worry about every little thing. How many times more are you going to listen to your boss, yelling at you? Are you sure this is the very job that you wanted?

Are you sure you want to be a doctor? Or you paint and sketch whenever you are free?

Life is short to leave your potentials undiscovered. Lit the light that sparks your inner self and sees how your life changes into something wonderful, more beautiful and amazing. Stop waiting for Friday to have fun.

Stop waiting for summer to hit the beach. Stop waiting for someone to fall in love with you.

Happiness comes running to you when you stop waiting for stuff and make the most out of the moment that you have with yourself. live now, or never.

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