How to Get Hired for The Job Fast?

“Have no job and need money now” “I need money fast no job”, sound familiar? Don’t worry, check out these awesome and simple steps to find any job within weeks.

I know unemployment is increasing day by day and it’s getting hard to get a job quickly, almost anywhere. Let me guess, most of you people reading this are fresh graduates right?

If that’s so it’s absolutely normal so don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s a phase which everyone has to pass on.

Some people don’t even get a good job for almost a year but that’s not going to be you because now you are in the right hands.

I’ve been there where you are right now, I can still remember recruiters telling me all the time that I must have some experience in order to well, get an experience.

I stayed unemployed for about 6 months and I started judging myself. I mean It’s not like I was having a bad GPA or anything but still, I got nothing. But then out of nowhere, I thought of a plan, I had to find something because I was broke.

Anyways that plan worked and I got employed within a week.

I am going to guide you guys that very same plan in these following steps. Be sure to follow them completely and I guarantee you, you will get a Job within a week if not weeks.

So…How to get hired for the job you want …FAST!

Polish your job skills:

This is the most important step of all.

You have to make sure you know all before applying anywhere.

Practice your skills and master them.

Give them your time and work because “you having skills” is the only proof of your capability.

Beware of the fact that all recruiters think the same way when they are sitting in front of you, interviewing, they are only thinking:

“How will this guy help us make more money?”

and that’s all it is, it’s all about money!

So you need to make your skills useful for others in such a way that can help them achieve their goal of growing the business.

Think out of the box!

Grab a pen and a paper and write down all the companies that you wish to join, just write them all down.

Now be careful to think out of the box.

Don’t be bound to your degree or qualifications you have on paper. Write down all those companies, you think your skills and services can benefit.

Now, after making your list of all, make a unique CV for every single company you wrote down.

Each CV should dazzle the particular skills that the specific company wants you to have.

Make connections:

Now, I’m not going to tell you to start sending your resumes to everyone out there.

No! You already know the companies you would like to have a job in so I would say just search for the people for now, who already are employed by those companies. (LinkedIn)

Just introduce yourselves to them and say that you are looking forward to work with them, ask about their bosses, or ask about the type of companies they are in and its rules, policies and all that (now you got to have some sort of communication skills here), but If you don’t, no big deal, you can always take your friend’s help, ask your friend, whom you think is good at talking to strangers, to do it on your behalf.

Hit the road:

Now the very same paper on which you have listed the companies’ names you want to work with. Write down their locations too and give them an order location wise.

Also, note down all the company’s information you gathered by contacting others. And start making a plan to actually go out there and meet all managers of those companies one by one. Be careful to plan everything ahead of time.

You may want to keep in mind that how would you talk to those managers and convince them to hire you. What I did was, I used to practice all in front of a mirror every day, and trust me It helped me a lot.

Now basically I simply wrote down all, the introduction and the services I can provide and then I literally crammed all of that. And it worked for the best.

Also be sure to hand them your CV first and try to catch them during lunch hours because that’s the only time they are free.

You can still contact me if you have any queries regarding this, I’d love to help you out.

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