4 Reasons That Say, You Should Invest In Laughter More

why laughing is important

So why laughing is important? What is it’s significance? And why should we invest in laughter? Well, have you ever wondered, how wonderful it will be if there would be a little bit of more laughter around us, right? We all have been there that we laughed so much that it either starts hurting a lot or made us cry (in a  good manner of course).

It is not always supposed to be a comedy show that makes the hilarious side of you to come to life. We can also appreciate the smaller things.

It’s like when life gives you lemons; say hey, look, free lemons.

They are actually quite expensive in real though. Well apart from jokes, investing in laughter just makes your life so much better and happier. Laughing more does actually mean you are happier, right? Silly me!

And if your life is turning too much dull and boring and you need reasons as to why you need to invest in laughter; this piece of article is just for you!

Looking for motivation to laugh more is a bit too dumb, to be honest.

But with so much up our sleeves and the “oh-so tensed” routines of our lives-we seriously are in need of reasons!

I bet if laughing would be a source of earning; everybody would be laughing endlessly 24/7.

People would do so while they slept as well.

Or at least I would.

If I had a penny, for every time I laughed; I could do it forever! But sadly, we don’t get paid for it. You either work you’re (you know what) off or you start hating your life.

Why laughing is important?

It’s free.

We should laugh because it cuts down our stress levels in half.

Laughing doesn’t cost you a penny.

As difficult as it might seem, you can do it. Just go get some rated comedy season and put it on download on a torrent, it will only take 5 minutes of yours if you have got a good internet speed.

By the way here is the list of best comedy seasons of all time, well according to me, I mean they are just hilarious. I once fell outta my bed laughing while watching the one on the top of the list.

So go for it, your life will get so much more fun and you will get a reason to laugh and a lot too.

Cut down all those tensions that you have built up in your mind on your own.

So basically you have chances to live a bit longer for free.

Kudos to that!

Stress is the major reason why a lot of people get heart attacks. And it is sad because they forget to laugh indulged in that endless electricity bill and the expenses of their lush life. Laugh, its free dammit!

No worries:

It is simply impossible to worry while you are on a laughing roller-coaster.

Laughing is the best therapy of all. it’s indeed the best medicine.

A good laugh just pulls out all of your worries for some time.

So if you laugh most of the time and appreciate positive things; you get to worry less. But hey, don’t laugh too much that your neighbors need to call the mental hospital for checking up on you.

Just keep calm and laugh like a normal person, an excess of anything is bad.

That’s a wrong quote then, you know what let me see how first quoted it, nope can’t find it. It’s anonymous.

Laugh your way out:

Having a sense of humor is the best skill for survival.

Surviving in this chaotic generation seems so impossible. And I hate those people who laugh and get all their work done by you.

Well, you don’t need to get into the list of those over smart people. You just need to laugh at their clever laughter and let it go with the wind. Laugh and blow it in their faces!

Nothing kills people than seeing you smile and laugh these days. I know a lot of ladies would just decide right now, that they need to laugh in front of a lot of people. Get the list ready ladies; don’t miss out on anyone of them even!

Healing of mind:

You might be familiar with: “Body heals with play, mind heals with laughter and spirit heals with joy.”

Healing the mind is really important.

Whatever is in your mind, is what you will yearn at the end. Therefore, it is quite important to have a good laugh and shove of all those worries. If you feel like having a burger; go eat it.

Forget about the pennies you could save if you don’t eat it. Healing the mind is vital and a good laugh does that to you!


Laugh More: I remember laughing was so much easier when we saw Johnny Bravo in his extremely vulgar black shirt.

The way we use to laugh, without a reason when we were small!

They were the good old days, weren’t they? Plus cartoons were just awesome, I mean Megas XLR, Swat Cats, Courage the Cowardly Dog. The list goes on.

You know I feel sorry for today’s kids.

Anyways I hope you laugh and kick your machinery to work better. It makes you work efficiently and you feel vibrant from within.

It is as important as eating or going to the toilet now and then. Laughing is like fueling your inside to see the good inside possibly everything. Yet again, you don’t want to be pointed out as a mad person.

Know where to refrain that evil laugh of yours!

For a healthier life; laugh a bit more!


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