4 People Who Became Successful After Failing

Success after failing is a very hard job. But there were people who became successful after failing multiple times.

But those who still get up, dust themselves off, again and again, finally achieve success.

Have you ever wondered how successful people finally achieved success? The answer is ‘failure’. Yes, they secured glorious successes after they were being failed a couple of times in their life.

Their success is often marked by failure. These people have experienced epic defeats on their way to success. They encountered many hard tasks and situations in their life and then gained success.

It is their failure that pushed them towards hard work. Every time they fail, they gain mastery over it by rising again.

We all have at least one favorite famous person in our life; either it is a real celebrity or anyone. We celebrate their success and often fail to observe or notice their failure which contributed greatly to getting them at their present.

4 of my favorite people who became successful after failing

Failure is an important aspect of one’s life because failure teaches us certain lessons in life which otherwise would not be possible. We experience failure just so that we can learn something from it and do better next time.

Failure in a way motivates us to do better in our life. It gives us a chance to correct our mistakes and perform better.

Other than failure, it has been their constant struggle and hard work which brought them near success.

If you pay close attention to their determination, drive, and enthusiasm, it will blow your mind and you would feel all motivated than ever.

A list of some very amazing personalities, successful individuals with inspiring lifestyles has been put together in this article. These people went through a lot before getting fame and popularity.

1- Alfred Adler:

Alfred Adler is a famous world-known psychologist/philosopher who belongs to the individual school of psychology.

He is the author of some great books of psychology. Alfred worked with the founder of

Alfred worked with the founder of the psychoanalytic school, Sigmund Freud.

He was being appointed as the president of psychoanalytic school because of his great achievements and contributions in making psychology a scientific field.

What’s surprising is that Alfred Adler had a very miserable childhood. He had a great rivalry with his elder brother.

Adler suffered from rickets which prevented him to take part in athletic activities. He believed that he was ugly and short-sighted.

He also suffered from pneumonia.

But still he did not lose hope. He believed in himself. When he got better, he took admission in medicine and now it is because of his brave steps that he is today known as one of the successful psychologists in the world.

2- Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein is the one everyone knows about and who gives us all rays of hope. A well-known scientist and physicist famous for his theory of relativity. He is also known as the founder of modern physics and the Nobel Prize winner as well.

Einstein also worked directly on inventing the atomic bomb.

Now if we look at his failures we will get to know a few things.

– He had speech problems in his childhood.

– When he applied for college, he failed in the entrance test.

– He couldn’t read properly until he was age 7.

– His parent thoughts he was mentally handicapped.

3- Abraham Lincoln:

This person served as the 16th president of the United States is a famous lawyer and American politician.

The number of his failures is huge. He had to go through huge loss in his business.

Before becoming the president, he also failed in running a few political affairs.

3- Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah, known for her own television channel and known for giving away cars. She is one of a billionaire.

Looking at her failures, she was being fired from her very first job in Baltimore where she had to play a role as an anchor for a TV show.

She never seemed to be disappointed by her failures because she was hopeful about her success and she was goal-oriented.

She believes that failure moves us in another direction which is simply meant for us.

Today being an owner of a TV channel, nobody can fire her ever again.

4- Jim Carey:

Jim Carey is known as a famous comedian who worked in some great movies like the mask, dumb and dumber, etc.

This person grew into a very low-income family.

His parents were so poor that they could not afford to educate their child for high school.

He booed off many stages with his comedy and comics and won the hearts of millions all around the world.


All these people mentioned above have taught the world the basic lesson that success does not mean instant success. These people preserved and did not give up in the face of their life struggles.

Success is the one which is crowned to you after being survived a number of hard trials. Success means not giving up in any case. It means to remain true to yourself.

It means to move from failure to failure until a time comes when you no longer face failure.

In very simple words, success is honesty, bravery, hard work, and determination.

They say:

Weak people give up while strong people focus on entirely on their goals.


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