30 Cancer Fighting Super Foods Everyone Should Include In Their Diet

Cancer is a disastrous disease which involves rapid and unchecked cell division resulting in abnormal cell growth with a potential to invade normal tissue and sometimes even replace it.

Technically speaking, there are genes in our body that regulate cell growth and tissue development.

These genes are called oncogenes. When these genes get altered because of any reason it fails to regulate cell growth and thus rapid and unchecked cell division causes tumor formation which is actually cancer.

Cancer has a diverse classification depending on the type of cell division and also the tissue in which it occurs.

There are numerous causes of cancer including certain chemicals, radiation, infection, physical agents, heredity and even Diet!

Yes, even a wrong diet can lead to this malicious disease.

But don’t worry because there are foods that fight cancer too.

Here is the list of 40 food which helps to fight cancer.


In terms of cancer, water rescues the vital organs in our body, like bladder, colon, and breast tissues.

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology reveals that the more water you drink, the less probable the risk of having cancer becomes.

Make it a habit to at least drink 2- 3 liters of water a day, even in winters as water is the best source of flushing away anti-oxidants from our body.


Broccoli, besides so many other health benefits, is the best vegetable that helps fight cancer as it has a natural dose of “Chemoprevention” which of-course completely discourages the growth of cancerous cells.

So think of Broccoli as a natural chemotherapy dose.

One research revealed that people who ate at least two servings of Broccoli a day had a 50 percent reduction in the risk for many types of cancer.


Strawberries like many other berries have Ellagic acid in them which mostly prevents skin and breast cancer.

Ellagic Acid is also used medicinally to fight against cancer cells. It causes the cancer cells to go through the normal apoptosis process (killing of cancer cells) without giving any harm to other cells in our body.


Tomatoes get their color because of a substance called “Lycopene” which also helps in removing the free radicals in our body that form cancerous cells.

Scientific researchers have shown that Lycopene helps prevent lung and stomach cancers


Eating walnuts can help a lot in stopping the growth of cancer cells naturally.

Walnuts have many rare and potent phytonutrients that are available in very few foods. These amazing substances, which are of course very well known for their strong cancer-fighting properties, include the Quinone Juglone, and the Flavonol Morin 4.


There is an evidence that tells us that garlic is very helpful in reducing pancreatic cancer.

A study conducted in the San Francisco Bay area found that pancreatic cancer risk was 54 percent lower in people who ate larger amounts of garlic compared with those who ate lower amounts.


The relation between the “beans” and lowering the risk of cancer has been out there for years.

In a eye-opening research that happened many years ago, which studied the collective data taken from 40 different countries, researchers found that dietary intake of beans on a regular basis reduced the number of deaths that were caused by breast and prostate cancer.

As years passed by, more and more researchers have been made which have declared beans one as one of the important parts of diet for fighting cancerous cells.

8-Apples :

Apples have a compound called “Flavonoids”

Many types of research have proven many dietary benefits of Flavonoids against cancer and tumors of many kinds which include the breast, lung, pancreas, colon, and prostate.


Blueberries like apples also have a kind of flavonoid called anthocyanins. This compound is responsible for colors of both berries and apples and helps a lot in removing anti-oxidants from one’s body.

According to Laura Newton M.A.Ed., R.D., an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences at the UAB and a licensed dietitian who also works in treating cancer patients:
There are so many studies that recommend that the antioxidants like Flavonoids and Anthocyanins help a lot in preventing the cancer damage that is caused by free-radicals (which I mentioned in the introduction).

The Rest of the Foods:

Our body has oxygen which is also bad for us in a way because it is reactive, so it forms other substances which are called “free radicals”. Free radicals form cancer, but anti-oxidants remove these free radicals.

The above 9 foods are the most important ones in removing these anti-oxidants, but the list goes on:

12-Whole Grains.
13-Dark Green Leafy Vegetables.
15-Acai Berries.
21-Chili Peppers.
22-Kale and Other Greens.
29-Sweet potatoes.

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