3 Top Amazing Benefits of Garlic

Did you know that the Gilroy garlic festival in California is one of the most anticipated garlic fests in the world?  Does this spell garlic fever to you or what? Garlic is mostly underestimated, so we are going to share some amazing benefits of garlic, that will change your perspective about it forever.

“What garlic is to food, insanity is to art.” – Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Over the years and with growing popularity the festival has introduced many new and exciting forms of edible garlic like the infamous garlic ice-creams.

With time our kitchen pantries have evolved to include these new forms of garlic, i.e. Garlic paste, garlic sauce, garlic powder, etc.

Garlic is a vital ingredient in almost all types of food.

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Want to add that extra aroma, taste, or texture to your dish? try adding garlic to the mix.

Its savory taste makes it one of the most popular natural food enhancers, from garlic soups, Garlic fingers, to the delicious garlic bread that we can’t seem to keep our hands off of, garlic is everywhere.

However, garlic for food is a common occurrence, but the amazing benefits of garlic are not just limited to food ingredients.

It can be used for hair, skin, and even used to relieve minor illnesses and symptoms of cold and flu.

Why, you ask?

It’s because of the healthy composition of this unique plant.

Since Ancient times Garlic has been used for various medicinal and health benefits. The point is amazing benefits of garlic have been known since long before.

The ancient Greeks used garlic as a cure for a variety of ailments including fighting infections, treating digestive imbalance, cure leprosy, and even used it to help heal wounds.

Garlic has an abundant reserve of the sulfur compounds which is also the third major compound in our bodies.

The sulfur in garlic is used by our bodies to synthesize essential amino acids.

Upon crushing garlic, the compound Diallyl Disulfide is released.

This is the source of the delicious aroma of Garlic, additionally, it has numerous health benefits including protection against colon cancer and prevention of heart disease.

Apart from these major compounds, garlic is rich in vitamins, selenium, fiber, calcium, and other elements that help our bodies.

As a vital source of nutrients, it makes sense why garlic would be one of the most common food ingredients.

With these kinds of upsides, isn’t a little garlic breath a small price to pay?

Another advantage of garlic is that it has fewer calories as compared to the nutrients.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect flavor enhancer for a calorie deficit diet then Garlic is the way to go.

Amazing benefits of Garlic for the Immune System

Amazing benefits of Garlic for the Immune System

Our bodies are made up of essential compounds and elements and our dietary habits help regulate these chemicals.

Throughout history, many types of research and studies have proven that imbalanced dietary patterns and poor dietary choices can lead to health problems.

Fortunately for us, the reverse is just as true. Healthy choices can help our bodies be better equipped to deal with these health problems.

Garlic is a common plant from the Allium family and can be grown almost anywhere in the world.

The effects of garlic on strengthening the immune system have been studied for a long time and by many different cultures, including the Chinese, Egyptians, Romans, etc.

Ironically, the exact mechanism of garlic compounds in our bodies has not yet been determined. However, ancient practices and traditions including recent studies have put forth compelling results.

The ancient Egyptians handed rations of garlic to the laborers to help them stay healthy.

In fact, in the ancient days, garlic was considered to be an asset in Egypt and a mere 15 pounds of garlic could buy you a laborer for one of the great pyramids.

While Roman laborers used a majority of garlic in their diet to gain strength.

The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of raw garlic, owing to its compound Allicin allow it to strengthen our immune systems against flu and cold symptoms.

Historical Indian and Chinese remediation for respiratory and digestive obstructions often included garlic as a base product.

Moreover, Garlic has been known to help with toothache, snake and insect bites, arthritis, high blood sugar levels, strengthening of bones, and gynecologic diseases as well.

So, the next time someone stops you from ordering that extra serving of garlic fries, let them know the facts!

Amazing benefits of garlic for your skin:

Benefits of garlic for your skin:

Where to begin. It has so many. But the most important skin problem which people face are acne problems.

Acne and spot treatment with garlic

Who doesn’t wish that we could keep our baby smooth skins forever, Acne, blackheads, and blemishes are the worst nightmare, and we’ve all been there.

However, skin problems are caused by a number of different factors, including hormonal imbalance,

Excess dirt on the skin, excessive use of products, stress, hereditary factors, and poor dietary choices!

On the micro-level these factors can cause four main effects that ultimately result in an ugly scar on your face:

  • Excess production of androgen
  • Excess oil (Sebum) production
  • Hair follicles getting clogged by oil or dead cells
  • Bacteria

One of the amazing benefits of garlic is also that it’s a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial agent. It unclogs your pores, cleans the toxins that build up in them, and combats the bacterial infections on the surface of your skin. For best results and prevention of acne, a dose of garlic is advised on a regular basis.

You can Rub a freshly cut piece of garlic clove on the affected area and after gently rubbing it on the surface of your skin wash it off.

You could otherwise extract the garlic juice and apply it on with a PH balancing agent like vinegar.

If raw garlic is not your favorite pick then garlic oil or garlic powder are some of the more popular options. Just remember to never use more than a few drops of garlic oil or a half tablespoon of garlic powder.

You can add garlic to any skin purifying or exfoliating DIY face masks and you will see almost immediate results.

If the ultimate goal is to perfect your skin then no matter what the ingredients are, garlic will always be a helpful addition.

Garlic can actually reduce stretch marks

Garlic can actually reduce stretch marks

Stretch marks are another one of our major concerns with skin issues.

The aging process, weight loss, pregnancy, are the major culprits of stretch marks, and the ugly scars are quite stubborn to get rid of.

Numerous studies have shown that about 80% of people, both men, and women experience stretch marks at a certain stage of their lives.

So, what do we do about these ugly stripes? Yet again the humble garlic comes to our rescue.

A hot oil massage with garlic juice or garlic oil is the perfect remedy for allowing the skin to snap back to its original form.

If you don’t really have the time for a hot oil massage, then simply adding more garlic in your diet will help the collagen and fibers in your skin to regain elasticity.

One of the amazing benefits of garlic is its anti-aging properties

benefit of garlic is it's anti-aging properties

One of the amazing benefits of garlic is that it’s a source of anti-oxidants which reduces the buildup of free-radicals as a result your skin will be firm and youthful for a long time.

The sulfur components of the garlic help in keeping your skin free of wrinkles.

So, If you’re tired of giving away your age with the wrinkles on your face, then give an old remedy a shot, and thank us later!

Mince together 3,4 pods of garlic, half a tomato, and rice powder, apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes.

Finally, wash your face gently with cool water and apply a moisturizer. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week for best results.

Everyday stress, genetics, oxidants, environmental factors are a few things that are responsible for wrinkles appearing on your face.

While these factors are practically unavoidable, we can at least try to reverse the damage.

In addition to tightening your skin garlic also helps make your pores appear smaller, this will help lesser dirt and toxins to get caught up in your pores and help give you a younger and fresher look.

Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of Garlic can help with skin conditions like eczema and fungal infections like Athlete’s foot.

Amazing benefits of garlic for your hair health

Garlic is also great for your hair health

Hair loss is an inevitable fate suffered by both men and women with the growing stress of adulthood. Whether it’s hereditary factors, side-effects of medications or simply hormonal changes, bald patches are never a pleasant surprise.

With how common it is to have a sudden thinning of hair or excessive hair fall; you would think a reliable treatment would have been discovered by now.

Unfortunately, artificial hair treatments still have their limitations.

They’ll last you a couple of months to a year at best.

So, for those of us with unfortunate hair loss issues, good old garlic is our best shot.

The calcium, sulfates, and zinc compounds found in garlic can help hair loss in a number of ways.

For starters rubbing the garlic cloves on your bald patches will help stimulate blood circulation.

Hair follicles tend to get clogged with dirt and other components that can ultimately weaken the roots.

Garlic helps purify these follicles and unclog the dirt and dust so the hair can be better grounded onto their roots. In addition, Garlic is rich with essential Vitamin C.

This vitamin is important for your hair since it boosts the collagen production and ultimately helps with hair growth.

Garlic kills the germs and bacteria that obstruct the growth of new hair and damage your hair growth.

This is one reason why garlic is a popular hair care remedy. It not only boosts hair growth but also aids with hair regrowth.

For a basic hair growth remedy that will most definitely give you results, take a garlic clove and rub it on your hair wherever you find a bald patch is starting to appear.

Then massage your hair with warm coconut oil and leave it on overnight before finally washing it off with regular shampoo.

But, still, how much Garlic should you be eating?

But how much garlic you should eat?

So yea these are surely some amazing benefits of garlic. But…

“All good things come to an end”, they say, unfortunately so do the positive effects of garlic.

After providing your body with the essential nutrients it you been missing out on, garlic should be kicked out of the picture.

Our bodies are maintained by a balance of chemicals. If your over-doing the garlic therapy, bad breath can end up being the least of your concerns.

Studies have shown that over-consumption of garlic can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, bloating and a foul body odor.

Garlic can also cause skin lesions with excessive exposure to skin.

Loss of appetite, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, muscle aches, and allergic reactions like skin rashes and asthma are some other downsides of garlic overuse.

So while you hung up on these amazing benefits of garlic that we mentioned. Be careful.

Everything is bad in excess.

If you are suffering from stomach ulcers, IBS, IBD or recently underwent intestinal surgery then it’s probably wise to avoid too much garlic

Can garlic help with precognitive health?

Another one of the amazing benefits of garlic is sexual performance.

Since Garlic carries chemicals like allicin that stimulates blood circulation, blood flow to your sexual organs is an added benefit and it subsequently helps with your sexual performance.

Both men and women can benefit from the sexual enhancements of garlic.

However, the garlic breath may be a serious setback to your sex-appeal in bed.

So be careful!

To end:

Garlic is great

Whether garlic has the properties to ward of a vampire or not might be a mystery, however we do know that garlic, one of the oldest plants is strong enough to ward of some of your basic everyday issues.

Taking care of your body is crucial to your overall health, beauty, and confidence, so don’t be afraid to measure up and analyze your diet and add more healthy ingredients like garlic for long-lasting benefits.

Consult your doctor before applying remedies or even consuming garlic products if you have prior health conditions. Its always better to be safe than sorry!

And do ask them about these amazing benefits of garlic that you read.