3 Things that are different between successful people and us

successful people and us

Successful people and us: Success is the innate desire of every individual which comes if different forms. In different stages of our life, we constantly struggle to achieve success.

The fact that everyone wants to be successful is because everyone wants change. Everyone wants to grow, nourish and prosper in life.

It is not an easy task for everyone to achieve success. That is because success is accompanied by determination, hard work and motivation.

We all dream and we all want success but a definite action is required to make a difference.

A person who is pretty much determined to fulfil his dreams is likely to achieve success as compared to the one who does not like hard work and is pessimistic about everything most of the time.

You may have one friend in your life who always comes up to you complaining about the hurdles and difficulties of life whereas at the same time you may also be having a friend who despite all the difficulties of life, never gives up and works harder every day to achieve his goals.

While comparing successful people with the unsuccessful people, one finds a way lot of a clear cut difference between them. There is no secret recipe or no hidden formula for as to how to become successful but the differences between successful and unsuccessful people could be in terms of some conventional habits, characteristics and decision-making policies.

In my personal opinion habits are what separate a strong man from a weak man. Your habits play an important role in building your future.
Given below are some of the very important things that differentiate successful people from unsuccessful people that you might want to know. These points may benefit you if are one of those people who want to become superstars.

Different between successful people and us:

1-Successful people compliment whereas unsuccessful people criticise:

Since successful people are full of positivity and they embrace positivity, they compliment everything in their lives and about others. They don’t find faults in others and often give good reviews about everything.

In other words, successful people lift others up; therefore they are not fond of criticising their fellow beings.

Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, are used to criticising. They complain about almost everything around them. Be it their life, their friends, their family. EVERYTHING.

Their minds are full of negative thoughts and negative emotions.

They will find mistakes in everything and would not believe in miracles because they are just so negative.

2- Successful people take hold of their responsibilities whereas unsuccessful people only pretend:

Successful people realise their duties and responsibilities and they play their respective role in obeying them. They fulfil their duties in even the worst conditions because they are loyal and sincere.

While on the other hand, unsuccessful people pretend they know it all (they probably don’t).

They show it off to the world with their heads high, pretending that they know all the answers but in reality, they are too lazy and childish to make it through the very first step.

And when they make a mistake, they don’t hold themselves accountable rather blame others for their own shortcomings and faults.

Instead of accepting the mistake, they point fingers at others.

It is not that successful people don’t make mistakes. They do. But they learn from their mistakes and often don’t repeat them again. While people who don’t even realise their mistakes is what makes them unsuccessful in life.

3- Successful people spread positivity while unsuccessful people degrade others:

Unsuccessful people are the most negative people on earth. They have the most negative outlook on life and they are usually the depressed souls one could find.

They don’t want to see other people happy since they are not happy themselves. They try every possible thing to make others feel bad about themselves.

They degrade and devalue others.

They display a negative of the world to other people to make them feel hopeless and disappointed.

Unsuccessful people have this firm belief that things won’t work out the way they want so they become more narrow-minded and selfish. They feel jealous of everybody they see happy.

They substantially lack confidence and self-growth.

While successful people, the happiest people, always help others and they find happiness by lifting and encouraging others.

They have an optimistic view of life. They are the most determined, enthusiastic, hard working, motivated and positive people.

They have the power to achieve their goals and they love to help people around them to conquer the same things that they are able to. They just want others to succeed too.


To quote the very famous definition of a ‘successful person’ by the billionaire John Paul Dejoria, a man behind a number of famous products.

He says

Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people do not want to do.


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