3 Surprising Confidence Boosters from the World of Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public speaking can be hard if one lacks confidence. Anyone who has ever given a class presentation right in front of so many students including your rude professor with that aggressive look in the eyes, they know what confidence exactly is.

Or an employee knows what confidence is while presenting a case in front of his colleagues and boss.

Only they know that how many times they had to practice their speaking skills and have gone through panic attacks.

A person who is able to present a speech in front of a few people can also present it to a larger audience too.

Once confidence is gained, a person can do anything and can perform the hardest of tasks that require confidence.

Such people have the ability to conquer their fears and they can perform very well even on a short notice.

Whereas a person who, while performing, suddenly begin to sweat and starts panicking in front of so many people is the one who fears speaking publicly and lacks confidence extensively.

Confidence is not something that everybody carries with himself. Because it is a learned behaviour.

It’s not that we are born with confidence and boldness.

It is a total learned phenomenon. People practice many times in order to gain confidence.

What’s more surprising is the fact that all these confident people of the world we know about in our life, have practised tremendously so many days and nights of their lives to gain the confidence to interact with large audiences.

They have worked enormously on their confidence level.

They have put their comprehensive efforts to tackle their fears.

Therefore, being confident is essential for a person to achieve success in a number of different aspects of life. Such as in the workplace, in university, in a meeting and in a public ceremony.

If you are one of those people who fear to speak publicly, just know that there is nothing wrong with the content you are supposed to deliver, but you simply lack the confidence to deliver it.

In psychological terms, such fear of speaking publicly is termed as “glossophobia” or “social phobia”.

And such phobia can be overcome by taking into account a few points given below. These are some confidence boosters gathered for you so that you conquer your fears and present your future presentations or speeches confidently and positively.

Note : Speaking publicly is itself a strong confidence booster

1) For public speaking try to talk to every single person you interact with:

This is one of the best confidence boosters for you.

Talk to everyone out there to overcome shyness. Speaking to people would increase your confidence level.

If you talk to people it would eventually become a habit for you.

For the newbies in the game of confidence, just go and say hi or hello to every stranger you interact with in your entire day.

And then make it a habit.

After some period, increase the length of your conversation with the same people and do it on a regular basis.

Make sure you keep a conversation with different age of people such as children, young women, old men etc.

Even if you dislike someone, talk to them (this a part of good manners) and take the first step of interaction. Give them a chance to get to know you.

If you make use of this trick to gain confidence, you may be doing yourself great benefit.

Because once you are comfortable interacting with people you know, you can easily interact with any stranger out there.

2) Stand proud while delivering :

This might not seem important but it actually is.

Your gestures and posture tell everything about you.

If you shake your legs or a cough before starting a presentation, you are showing the audience that you are lacking confidence. Don’t do that to yourself.

If you shake your legs and hands in the beginning, it will become a routine for the rest of the presentation as well.

That is why, in order to remain confident throughout the presentation, you need to be careful about your posture.

The moment you are being called to present, go and stand tall and proud. Do not look at the people in their eyes. Rather look at their clothes.

Also keep your body straight, head high and chest upwards like a “proud chest”. Remember, proud chest gives you strength and empowerment.

But don’t be too much bothered about the proud chest, simply keep a body balance.

Do this and it will have a very good effect on your confidence level and you will be delivering your presentation in a good manner.

3) Improve your understanding:

One of the main reasons that most of us lose confidence is that we are not very knowledgeable about what we are going to deliver.

The content is there but all we are worried about is the delivering process. While we overlook its meaning and understanding.

The more we are aware of the content, the more we understand what we have to deliver, the more we will feel comfortable and the more we will be confident.

Having more knowledge about your content also prevents you from being attacked with jokes or questions.

Therefore, always read more and more about the subject you are going to present before delivering it.

Read this article too.


Let’s keep this in mind that not only confidence is needed in the world of public speaking, but good communication skills as well.

Speaking skills are more important than technical skills.

Hence, you are required to work both on your confidence level as well as confidence skills.


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