3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Marriage Fresh As Ever

So how to know if a relationship will last forever? Can one keep a marriage/relationship fresh? The wedding season is on the way, guys and girls! And yes, there will be elegantly decorated cars on the streets and beautiful couples will be walking down the aisle. And between those guests, will be Lily and David who are your best friends but they just got divorced 2 months back.

Where Lily might be indulged in thinking how wonderful the experience was for her (or just walking down the aisle), David might be eyeing his wife to see if she has any trace of regret on her face.

Naah! She has none and then it hits him that he lost his lady-love.

Sounds sad, right? But it is actually a traumatic truth that we are experiencing all around us.

But right between these guests, will be the old smiles as well.

They will be holding each other’s hands and when the bride and groom finally are allowed to kiss, they look each other with utter affection and love.

Does it sound nothing less than a cheesy love story, right?

But it does happen. Even if the cases are really rare now, people do make it till the end. I mean, why don’t people prefer talking out rather than divorcing?

Until you have been flirting with 99 women and your wife gets to know about it (plus you are not even ashamed of it).

Nothing helps you then but when reality hits you; it’s really too late.

However, the generation these days is too indulged in one query and that is how can they make their marriage work?

Right after the honeymoon time, everything gets too practical for them.

Understanding each other becomes more of a burden than a feeling; so how can you save your marriage and make it work out from the very beginning?

Trust me, it ain’t that hard.

So how to know if a relationship will last forever?

Here are some ways through which you know if you can make it to your 30th anniversary with utter joy and happiness.


Communication is the key to all relationships. When I was a teenager and I couldn’t text my mum back for some reason in like before half an hour, you know what happens next, right?

We all do!

So this is far more a sensitive relationship and cutting down communication and trying to give that “silent treatment” to each other is just not going to work.

When you wake up next to the same person each day, it gets so hard to still love those lazy eyes, that bad breath, and that messy hair.

I agree with this because I can’t adore a person for more than a week. How do people do that for years or a lifetime? *wonders*

It does get hard to hug each other at the end of a tiring day, to accept each other flaws and to manage everything even when the times are rough.

Thus, communication is vital. Saying out what you feel is essential.

Even if your feelings aren’t too good; expressing them will make your other half to understand you in a better manner. This magic of communication is what has kept those old couples (you see them in parks) to make it together through the thick and the thin like these

Importance of Lonely Time:

You have a life before you get married, right?

You go out with friends, you sit alone in a coffee shop and gulp that damn delicious chocolate brownie down your throat and you go out to movies also, right?

Getting married doesn’t mean that you have to shut off all of the individual activities that made you feel alive and happy.

After like 10 years of marriage, you and your partner know all about one another, right?

It is somewhat being 1 person. So keeping that alone time of yours gives you a feeling of individuality. It makes you feel alive.

If you want to chain your partner’s leg to yours; it isn’t Cinderella happening in real-time, even yet!

Don’t get Addicted to Something:


As I mentioned above, it is hard to get used to waking up next to the same person every day. And sometimes it gets too tiring to even kiss them on the forehead.

And then that feeling comes into the pit of your stomach; you start wanting some new personality. That is just a phase though but it is the major reason why marriages are breaking apart these days.

In the UK, people have used social media to create a new persona and date, someone, they adore.

And then obviously your marriage ends as soon as your partner finds out.

Don’t get addicted to this. Always keep a friend or therapist at your speed dial so that you can look forward to them in such cases.


Happy endings are not what marriages are about. Even when Disney has made us feel that way; it literally isn’t. It is so much more than that like it is to keep up with the laziness, annoyingness, and stubbornness of your partner. And how you put up to that is what makes your marriage work out.

Keep the best inside yourself and let your partner too.

Go out for a walk alone because it isn’t important to have him/her by your side all the time.

Trust each other, say whatever you wanna; and see how you make it to your 30th or maybe 50th anniversary happily.

  1. Communication is really the most important thing to be prioritized between the partners especially in lonesome times..it can resolve even the worsts things or events that makes the relationship more harder…

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