3 Reasons Why Passion is Overrated.

I am a strong believer of passion. I have written so much on passion and how everyone should follow their passions to reach wherever they want to in life. This is the truth. You don’t need to doubt the fact that passion is going to earn you like no other job will. It will bring in the waves of satisfaction and relief. They do say it right that doing what you love, never tires you from your job or daily routine. But here is a question; is passion overrated?

Have we placed it on a level so high that we cannot see anything beyond it? Just let a fact click your mind; what if your passion is not promising enough to earn you a good living, a luxurious lifestyle or a healthy and bright future? Do you still leap for it?

This is where Ben Horowitz speech in 2015, at the Columbia University stunned us because it was entitled: don’t follow your passion.

I did not like the speech in all also. He is trying to tell people to be machined to earn money.

But at the end, what if your passion is not fulfilling your basic necessities like food and clothes?

Are you getting the point here?

So here are some reasons that show that we have overrated passion and yes, sometimes it’s okay to not follow them and keep them for your pass time duties. For instance, your passion is music but your voice ain’t that good; do you have a promising future like Enrique Iglesias?

I see you guys getting my point here!

So is passion overrated? Let’s find out:

1. Sometimes passion gets hard to rank:

If someone asks you hey, are you passionate about paintings or becoming an artist in all? Won’t you be that little bit confused? You will go like artists love to paint. But hey, artists do a lot of other things that just painters don’t.

Again, if someone asks you, do you love math or you wish to become an engineer? Sometimes you have more than just one passion. You can be passionate about writing and sketching. What do you choose? So prioritizing your passions is hard.

It again comes to the most suitable choice or something that seems to be promising great future. You can’t always pick one of your passions to opt it for a lifetime. It can lead to greater confusions.

2. You are not always that great at your passion:

So as I said above, your passion is not always your strength. You might feel this strong connection with music but what if you are actually a bathroom singer?

Do you think you will love your job?  You probably won’t even get a job. I know facing reality can be so hard sometimes.

But if you understand that you aren’t good at what you feel passionate about you will be able to find something you are good at or you can keep going with it and you can earn from it as well. Sometimes you are just passionate about something as a past time hobby.

For instance, you might love watching and attending to DIY’s but making tutorials for it or taking it as your career is a totally opposite thing. So does the picture get clearer here?

3. Passion can change:

Okay, this might sound a bit weird but I have experienced it or let’s say I have seen it happening around me sometimes. A lot of people start to lose interest in what they term as passion. They get bizarre of it. So where does that passion go then?

It somehow relates to my previous point as well. You can love doing DIY’s but at the same time, you cannot take it as a full-time duty. Why? Because attending to DIY’s might change anytime. You can get bored with it.

Passions are sometimes linked to your hobbies and thus, they have space for changing.

You really don’t have the hold over that, do you?


Passion is definitely getting overrated.

I have seen people reach the heights of success with their passion but at the same time, I have seen people getting bizarre of it.

Passion comes from within you but at the same time, while we live in such a competitive world, we don’t want to die of hunger, do we? Passion doesn’t drive luck and money to you always.

The scenarios are different and one day, you might just wonder why you did just pop into this field?

And then you start hating yourself for getting into your passion in the first place.

So the verdict here is that passion has its own specific place.

You must know how to judge it before it’s too late for you to realize that you wasted your entire life and didn’t get anything in return.

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