3 things/mistakes husbands do that destroys a marriage

Today I will share some of the things husbands do to destroy marriage. A family is and must be the first ever the source of love, acceptance, and comfort. Unfortunately, it is not the same for everyone.

 A lot of people might not agree with me saying this above sentence but then a little crowd would be nodding their heads to this.

There are always two situations for every case and for families, it is same. This is saddening but you can’t help but move on to the fact that maybe, your family is not just doing what they should.

Something seems to be going in the wrong direction. And yes, they don’t notice the wrong direction which in turn, hurts a lot more.

And let’s just not talk about those extended families, where gossip spreads faster than fire.

I mean, you don’t have a life in there, do you?

We all make mistakes. It is just a matter of figuring out where you are going wrong so that everything can be in the right place.

Mistakes/things husbands do to destroy marriage

Here are some mistakes/things husbands do to destroy marriage or should I say major mistakes which destroy family relationships to the best.

A lot of Criticism:

The Family is your best source of encouragement and support. It is a big “oops” in your life if your family is not there for your encouragement.

Words carry a lot of weight and negative words carry the weight of the entire world.

They feel so heavy on your shoulders, don’t they? And if they come from your family; you feel like there is no one in this world to encourage or support you.

Negative and hurtful words bring a deep damage to the family. You might not understand it but the one hearing them is going to start being detached to you.

The chasm of the relationships washes away and by the time you realize it; it is actually too late. It takes a lot of positive talk and love to mend that wound.

But sometimes even that doesn’t work.

Just make sure that you support your family members. Especially parents should always be a source of support for their children. Don’t insult your child in front of a crowd or other relatives; they get hurt and that never goes away.


I hate this and I just wish I could erase it from the surface of this Earth. But alas, I just sit here, trying to figure out whether this world will ever get over discrimination or not and write about it.

Discrimination is not something that is done with daughters and sons; it can be of the same gender as well.

Families should keep in mind that praising one child constantly can bring a strong lack of confidence in the other. Yes, we don’t realize this and it happens a lot.

This usually ends up in bringing up a frustrated and lonesome behavior by the other child, who is either criticized all the time or is hardly praised for his/her actions. This damages the roots of family relationships in a way that you might not imagine.

Be careful with what you do or say and trying to bring inequality in your family systems.


Okay, so gossip is like, the perfect killer of your family relationships. When one of your aunts spreads the news like fire all around the family; I bet a lot of people can relate to it.

I can feel nodding heads.

We all have one such pathetic aunt who is the ultimate “gossips girl” of the family. Where this might seem funny right now; it actually damages relationships in the worse forms. It messes up the trust level of people within one family and negative thoughts start speculating. These thoughts take relations away from us and the love and care we expect from a family, never really comes in.

In such situations we don’t tend to talk to the person directly; we start believing in what the gossips have to say.

Our behavior with the specific person starts distorting.

In such cases, it is always best if you talk to the person directly, instead of believing in all the gossips around.

It might save something which is left out of the relationship.


The Family is all about love, care, affection, peace, and comfort. When mistakes like these are happening around your family…you should try to stop them as soon as possible. They can lead to bigger issues which you never thought of in the first place.

Make sure that you don’t insult your child or discriminate him/her with people within your family. This won’t only detach that person from you…but will also end to make him/her lonely and depressed.

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