3 Best Smart Watches in Pakistan & Their Price

Technology has a huge tendency and a huge revolution has been experienced in this field as it has kept moving from bigger products to smaller ones. The smallest of products these days are capable of providing their users with an unbeatable and satisfying experience.

Gone are the days when the size of the product used to define the impeccability of it. It is not wrong to say that wonderful things are coming in smaller packages.

Emanating towards the future we are experiencing an overwhelming amount of technology in smaller gadgets and smartwatches in Pakistan are one of those remarkable products.

Smartwatches in Pakistan are unlikely of anything that people have seen or experienced in a long time. What can a wristwatch hold within it? Well, smartwatches have outstood the capacity of technology that smaller products can contain as these come packed with immense features that make life not only smarter but easier too. Users can use a different number of apps with the help of a smartwatch; it is not meant for keeping an eye on the time only.

Thus, smartwatches in Pakistan have gathered a lot of appreciation and are now taken as a masterpiece in terms of gadgets too.

Can you get Smartwatches in Pakistan?

Getting a smartwatch in Pakistan is not a tough deal anymore. Majority of people used to buy smartwatches from international webpages and paying the customs was another huge turmoil. However, with the passage of time, several new websites now bring you the availability of smartwatches in Pakistan.

You can get a handful of remarkable and well-reputed smartwatches in Pakistan without any trouble now. You can also buy all the great smartwatches in Pakistan through us and you won’t regret it at all.

The smartwatch price in Pakistan is similar to the price tag that you get on international webpages. Sometimes it might be a little higher as shipping the product here is not that easy and has its own sets of costs. However, we have summed up some of the best smartwatch prices in Pakistan. Which smartwatches are the best and which one of them can be bought in Pakistan is all mentioned in this article.

Best Smartwatch in Pakistan

Our team has wholeheartedly put in immense effort to bring together the best smartwatches in Pakistan. If you are in search of some of the best and most impeccable smartwatches that you can get in Pakistan then we have sorted them out for you.

After doing our research and picking out some smartwatches, we tested them for 2 weeks and came down to the following conclusion:

Samsung Gear S3 is the best smart watch in Pakistan. It is bolder, better and brilliant in multiple ways. It is rich in features and if you are looking for something that tracks your activities impeccably, then this is the best bet that you can set your hands on.

Why is it the best?

From all the smartwatches in Pakistan, we consider Samsung Gear S3 to be the best of all. Here is why we adored the most amongst the rest that we tested and it had us swept away with its amazing performance and great set of features.

  • We have swept away with the battery life of this smartwatch. The superb battery life is a major perk as it states that the watch won’t give up on you in the midst of the day or your run.
  • Also, the fact that Samsung smartwatches are now compatible with almost all smartphones is another reason why we highly recommend spending on this one.
  • The core apps of Samsung Gear S3 are impeccable and without a doubt, they work perfectly fine too. Especially the fitness tracking is very impressive as it keeps you motivated for the daily long walks or jogs.
  • Also, the smartwatch price in Pakistan has actually come down a toll so you don’t have to worry about investing endlessly on it. And even if you think that it is still costly; we recommend you to invest in this smartwatch without a second thought as it won’t disappoint you at all. The investment really does pay off.

MI BAND 2 (Our 2nd best choice)

If you are eagerly in search of an affordable smartwatch in Pakistan then this one is going to be very friendly to your pocket. To be fair enough, this is a cheap smartwatch but does all the basic tasks in a fine manner.

There are some reasons why it doesn’t fit our criteria for the ultimate choice but it still is a great pick to make and is cheaper than about any smartwatch that you can get.

Why isn’t it our ultimate choice?

Here are the reasons why we did not consider the Mi Band 2 to be the ultimately great choice to make:

  • Fitness tracking does not have the same accuracy as that of Samsung Gear S3. It did not impress us thoroughly.
  • The design did not attract us at all. There are a lot of smartwatches that can captivate the eye of the buyer right away and Mi Band just not fit into the criteria of being attractive.
  • Also, there is no GPS integrated into this smartwatch and that is not appreciable.

Why we still consider it a good choice to make?

However, there are still some reasons why we think that Mi Band 2 can be a good choice to make:

  • It does come along with some comprehensive features that work finely and do not disappoint you at all. For instance, it is compatible with Google Fit which is used by the majority of fitness enthusiasts.
  • The smartwatch is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones and apps. You don’t have to worry about the device compatibility which makes it a great pick for everyone.
  • The Mi Band 2 is the most affordable smartwatch in Pakistan and costs you literally nothing in comparison with all the other luxury smartwatches. However, quality comes at a price though.


  • Water-resistant watch
  • OLED Display
  • Long battery life
  • IOS and Android app compatibility
  • Step counter
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep tracker
  • IP67 certification


  • Outstanding battery life-really impressive
  • Waterproof watch
  • An OLED display is wonderful
  • Inclusive collection of features
  • Cheaper and super affordable


  • Not that attractive
  • The fitness tracking doesn’t have the ultimate accuracy
  • No GPS
  • No guidance
  • Third-party App support is a bit weak

Who is it best for?

If you are just too eager to try out a smartwatch in Pakistan but you don’t have a hefty budget then you can buy this one. Mi Band 2 is very cheap and even though it isn’t that attractive, it can easily help you with tracking some basic daily life chores like your step count and heart rate.

Also, it does help you in keeping up with the basic phone apps like your email and messages, etc. Therefore, the deal isn’t that bad for a price tag that cheap.

Mi Band 2 Price in Pakistan

If you are interested in getting the Mi Band 2 then you definitely want to know this smartwatch price in Pakistan. It costs you as less as $22.39 which is around 2800 PKR or maybe 3000 PKR in Pakistan.

That is it! The smartwatch price in Pakistan for Mi Band 2 is super cheap and anyone who just wants to see what a smartwatch feels like and doesn’t have a lot of money can easily pick this one and enjoy the features that it comes with.

SAMSUNG GEAR S3 (Our Choice)

Coming back to Samsung Gear S3, this is one of the most loved smartwatches throughout. Whether you are from Pakistan or anywhere else in this world; this smartwatch is not going to disappoint you at all. Here is a little insight into it to let you know what this smartwatch is capable of.

Classic and Frontier

You can get the Samsung Gear S3 in two designs;

  • Classic
  • Frontier

The overall design of the Samsung Gear S3

The overall appearance might seem identical but the classic watch has a very clean look to it while the Frontier one showcases more of a sports watch outlook.

The Frontier is perfect for people who have to go out for a run and want to keep track of their fitness goals. The strap of the Gear S3 is a bit thick but it manages to keep the comfort alive. The buttons are knurled which makes them easy to grip and use. The bezel makes it furthermore user-friendly as you just have to spin it and you can easily go through the notifications and widgets.

The touchscreen is also really good but you will find out that the bezel makes everything extremely easy to go through and use without any hassle.

The AMOLED display is very smart and attractive and offers a high resolution too. It is nice and bright and you don’t have any issues in reading the menu in the daylight.

The exterior of this smartwatch has been coated with Corning Gorilla Glass SR+. This material is amazing as it is shattered and scratch-resistant which tends to provide immense safety to your watch.


As mentioned before, the Gear S3 is not confined till Samsung smartphones only so this is good news for people who want this smartwatch in Pakistan but are not a Samsung phone user. It is pairable with a lot of different apps through the Samsung Gear App.

Incoming notifications are all stacked up on the left side of the watch and you can simply swipe them to check them out. Or you can spin the bezel and keep checking them; it is that easy.

Responding to emails and messages through the Gear S3 is very easy. You can do so with the help of the on-screen T3 keyboard or you can use the Samsung’s S voice technology too. Both work impressively fine. But switching from Whatsapp to messaging app and Gmail is a bit tough as you will have to open it in your phone first if you are already using another app in the watch.
The Google Calendar works fine too but there is no way to switch between multiple calendars and that is a little annoying.

Health Tracking

The most outstanding fact about Samsung Gear S3 is its health tracking system. It is super impressive and it is capable of tracking your fitness goals seamlessly. It detects all activities and logs them for you to keep a track of. Its records your average distance, speed and heart rate immaculately well and there is no doubt about the fact that Gear S3 stands out in its fitness tracking capabilities.


  • Android and IOS compatible watch
  • Great battery life
  • Military-grade performance
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Can make payments via Samsung Pay
  • Text, call and get notifications right away


  • Wonderful interface
  • Super impressive battery life
  • High-quality activity tracking
  • Clean and bold designs; both are available
  • Works with almost all smartphones; not confined to Samsung phones only


  • GPS tracking is not that great
  • Lack of some wonderful apps
  • Might feel a bit huge on thinner wrists

Who is it best for?

If you are a gadget fanatic and all you really want is a smartwatch that stands out by almost all means then Samsung Gear S3 is just right for you. also, this is the perfect pick for people who are fitness enthusiasts and want their watch to track all of their activities for them. This one won’t let you down in terms of fitness tracking as it does the job really well. This is indisputably the best choice for us and we highly recommend to all the people who are looking for the best smartwatches in Pakistan.


Samsung Gear S3 is a luxury smartwatch. It is made to perform a bundle of tasks and it is capable of rendering high-quality tracking. This smartwatch price in Pakistan is around $299.the Samsung Gear S3 price in Pakistan is somewhat near 30k PKR. You are going to get it around 28,750 PKR in almost all the online shops. If you have the budget to get this one then there is literally nothing better than this smartwatch for sure.

SONY SMARTBAND TALK (Our 3rd choice)

In the end, our 3rd runner-up for some of the best smartwatches in Pakistan is the Sony SmartBand Talk. It is a very simple or rather minimal smartwatch and doesn’t come along with the fancy apps and features that a diehard technology freak might be searching for.

But if you are in search of something simpler than this one is not going to disappoint you at all.

Why is it not the ultimate choice to make?

The Sony SmartBand Talk is not that high-end smartwatch and here are the reasons why it does not deserve the first rank at all:

  • It lacks smart capabilities. It has no heart rate monitor or sensors and that is what a smartwatch is really needed for, by the majority of people. Thus, this is the most prominent downfall of this watch.
  • The battery life is not that impressive either. It hardly lasts for three days and sometimes a bit less too.
  • Also what shook us was that despite not being able to provide the users with a lot of features and capabilities; it is on the costly side.

Why is it our 3rd runner-up?

As stated above, it is a very simple smartwatch and if you are looking for something super simple then this might attract you. Here is why we like it a little bit:

  • This watch feels so comfortable on the wrist. It is very comfortable to wear and is lightweight; so it won’t annoy you while it sits there.
  • The E-ink display is a winner here for this watch. We admire that thoroughly.
  • The Lifelog app is also wonderful and beautiful to use. Our team considered it to be a perk for the Sony Company.
  • Also, when it comes to track walking and running, this watch is certainly a good one. Yes, this does mean that fitness tracking is limited but for people who just walk and run; this is fine.

What is this watch good for?

Now a lot of you might be confused about why should one invest in this watch? What is it good for?

The Sony SmartBand Talk does offer some good features. Yes, it might not be the ultimate epic smartwatch in Pakistan but it does some stuff really well. The fitness tracker of this watch has an accelerometer and an altimeter. These two perform the function of tracking movement and elevation. However, these movements are only good for people who walk or run. If you are a swimmer, then this one is not going to help you with tracking.

The watch is capable of bringing in the basic amount of information that anyone would need. Yes, it might not be extraordinary but it has the ability to show you the number of steps you have taken, the time you have spent sleeping and the time that you have invested in running or walking.

You can also connect several basic apps with the Sony SmartBand Talk too. One can easily read messages, make phone calls and control their music playlist too. Thus, it is offering you all the basics at your wrist control.


  • Water-resistant
  • E-ink display
  • Three-day battery life
  • Tracks walking and running
  • Sleep tracking


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof
  • Packed with basic features
  • E-Ink display


  • Only compatible with Android
  • No heart rate sensor or monitor
  • Fitness tracking is limited for walking and running alone
  • Performance is a bit lurky
  • Costly for the basic features that it offers

Who is it best for?

Anyone who is interested in the very basics is going to pick this smartwatch. It is a thoroughly bought smartwatch in Pakistan and a lot of people tend to buy it as they just want to keep track of their walking and running activity.

Although it is costly for the limited features that it offers but if you want a stunning looking, minimal smartwatch then this might be for you.


The smartwatch price in Pakistan for Sony SmartBand Talk is $74. In Pakistani currency, this retails for around 10K currently.


After testing these three best smartwatches in Pakistan, we have come to pen down the conclusion that Samsung Gear S3 is the best of all.

Yes, it does cost you a lot more than most of the smartwatches in Pakistan but it is also capable of bringing you a handful of positive traits and features that the other two watches are not capable of. If you are a tech geek then you will certainly understand the need of investing for once and for all in the best gadget rather than just compromising on the cheap ones.

However, if you have a limited budget but still want the best smartwatch in Pakistan but are looking for a cheaper option than Mi Band 2 is our second recommendation for you.

We highly recommend you to get this one as it is way cheaper than most of the smartwatches in Pakistan but is capable of rendering some basic and inclusive features too.

Thirdly, the Sony SmartBand Talk is very limited in the pack of features that it brings with it but it still manages to steal the hearts of many. If you are okay with spending around 10K PKR for just some basics then you can rely on the Sony one.

Also, it is not that bad in terms of design so it does bring you an attractive feature. It does appear to look quite stunning on the wrist.

The decision is certainly yours to make but we will definitely want you to invest in the Samsung Gear S3 and tell you to get the ultimate masterpiece for once and for all. Stop drooling over the cheaper options and get the best one as soon as possible and Samsung Gear S3 is a stealer in all ways! Bea boss and look like a boss with this watch helps you to keep all your basics and extraordinary features at the reach of your wrist.