14 Surefire Ways to Remove Stress From Life Completely!

Worrying occurs when you are having continuous and recurrent thoughts that something fearful might happen to you in your life. It gives a big description too small pictures and exaggerates it. It usually begins with a single negative thought and if we pay attention to that single thought, it would give rise to another similar thought. And eventually, those thoughts would turn into a storm of negative thoughts, leaving you confused and making you think irrationally about most of the things. We need to somehow remove stress completely from our lives and for that, we have to understand what is worrying and taking the stress.

Is worrying natural?

Yes, worrying is natural. Because random thoughts (either good or bad) come to our mind daily and sometimes we do pay little attention to a few of them and then think about something else. That is how it is a natural process.


If we pay close attention to any of the negative thoughts and become obsessed over it, then yeah they may grow stronger and stronger and we might feel a train of such thoughts running in our mind, making our lives so much miserable and depressed.

Once you get obsessed with your negative thoughts, you won’t be able to get rid of them because of their uncontrollable nature.

What would happen if we concentrate on our negative thoughts?

Whenever they come to our mind, and if they are given attention, they would stay there for a longer period than usual.

When negative thoughts reside in our mind for a longer period, the fear produced by worrying directly affects our mental as well as physical health.

It sometimes has a disastrous effect on our behavior and personality as well.

And sometimes worrying too much alters our perceptions about people and things around us as well.

The question that comes into consideration is that how do these thoughts develop?

A very simple answer to this most asked question by people who feel miserable by worrying too much is that the negative thoughts develop just because we allow them to. We are responsible for their entrance into our minds.

Thoughts come to make their home in our mind just only if we allow them to.

Just because we give them the permission to enter our mind and settle there.

Psychiatrists and psychologists all around the world claim that:

Whenever negative thoughts come, do not serve them tea and do not even give them even the tiniest of attention. Try to think positively and change course of your thoughts.

So in simple words, if you permit the thoughts to come and settle in your mind, they would give you no good other than supreme harm and damage and would affect almost every aspect of your life and would definitely affect your peace of mind and body.

What happens next?

After when we become obsessed with our negative thoughts, they turn into negative mental images, negative perceptions, and negative emotions and thereby drag you into the world of negativity.

If you want to get rid of the nagging thoughts whenever they pop up in your head and want your inner peace back.

Read these 8 simple tips given below :

1) 80-85% of the things we worry about never actually happen:


According to the psychological research on stress and worry, mental health professionals claim that the thought of a threatening situation causes more stress to mind that the situation itself.

Therefore they suggest that for a person to remain healthy, one must let go of all the worries instead of stressing and obsessing over them.

We worry because we think that the things which are fearful might happen to us. Next time whenever you are done with worrying, realize that how many bad things actually happened to you about which you were worrying?

We do not face those fearful situations with the same intensity as we think. Therefore, instead of worrying about it, stay calm.

2) Start reading from today:

Psychiatrists suggest that books could be our good friend’s in a bad time.

Read an inspiring book and underline the best quotes that you find in the book and then try to find its meaning and apply them in your life.

You would feel better.

Also, check this article out. And this one too.

3) Do not think what people think of you (they don’t):



Don’t give a fudge on “whatever people say”!

Never waste your precious time worrying about what people may be thinking about you.

You cannot make everyone happy and it is not even your responsibility to please others.

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4) Exercise:


You can even train for a marathon.

Whenever you feel a storm of thoughts racing through your mind, take a step back and relax.

Go to the gym, or simply walk or jog for a while.

If you don’t have time for that then meditate or do some yoga.

Exercise releases negative thoughts and helps stabilize the serotonin levels which basically SSRIs do. And we feel happy.

SSRI are anti-depressants by the way in case you are wondering and the best of all kinds too, because they have the minimum side affects. They control serotonin levels directly and exercise does the same.

5) Do not procrastinate:

Get it??

When we keep piling up work in our lives, we become stuck! We become this “Avoider” who always have some sort of excuse to pile on some more.

And the thing is we start waiting for a perfect moment to “un-pile” all that burden, but that moment never comes and the only thing that happens in life is that we start worrying.

We get worked up way too easily and become this tensed person because we are always thinking about the things left for the very last moment.

Unfinished work creates tension.

Always get your work done in time.

6) Socialize as much as you can Physically:

When you share you get way a lot less tense.

This happens because “problem” or whatever we are worried about is like, a burden on our hearts, and when that is removed we get this good feeling.

I have studied a lot about “sharing” and of course there is more to it if we think logically.

I have found that positive things are shared more often than the negative thoughts.

There are few emotions (negative) which act as a catalyst to sharing (if that made sense).

If I were to write a single logical sentence, I will give you this:

By socializing and hanging out with friends, having deep conversations with the right people could save your time from worrying.

7) Stay in the present moment:

I know this point is out there but it is still worth mentioning because of its significance.

This is one of the most important tips for people who want to get rid of their negative thoughts.

The advice which I would like to give here is that:

Never obsess over what the future holds for you and never feel curious about it either.

Because the future is all set out there for you on the basis of how you treat your present.

8) Try out diaphragmatic breathing:

Did you know that by breathing slowly and deeply could activate our vagus nerve?

Vagus nerve is the longest of the twelve cranial nerves also known as cranial nerve X. This nerve is responsible for keeping the heart rate constant and counters the stress response.

Try out this belly breathing with closed eyes while sitting in a relaxed state and you will enter the state of relaxation within 10 minutes.

You may find more about it here in the breathing section.

9) The SLL meditation technique:

Psychologists around the world suggest the worried patients, to attempt the “stop-look-listen technique” to break the chain of negative thoughts and grip of anxiety.

In this technique, the first step is that the psychologists ask the patients to stop worrying. The patients are supposed to mentally say “STOP” in their minds.

The next step is to “LOOK” around their external world as to come out from their inner feelings of discomfort.

And finally, the patients are expected to “LISTEN” to phrases such as ‘this too shall pass’, ‘everything will be fine’ or ‘all is well’.

This technique has been effective with many patients around the world.

10) The wonders of citrus-scented oils:

The scent of a citrus fruit could bring miracles to your life.

It could reduce the feelings of discomfort and anxiety.

Nutritionists suggest that even by sniffing orange oil, half of your worries about the stressful life event would release. Look. Even a quick smell could make a huge difference.

A statement was recorded by one of the coordinators at the Mayo Clinic that “the scent of one fresh fruit could do amazing things”.

11) Participate in other activities:

Engage yourself in the activities that you often don’t like or the ones you don’t perform in your daily life.

Distracting yourself with another activity could be helpful in getting the things you worry about ‘out of your head’.

The change of focus on something else sometimes could be most effective for your mind.

12) Stop spending too much time on social media:

The time that you spend on the internet like refreshing your Facebook newsfeed or replying to anonymous tweets won’t do any favors for your mental health.

A recent research on online addiction has revealed that the people who spend plenty of their time on social media become addicted to it that being away from it makes them worried and uncomfortable.

It has been strictly advised by the mental health professionals to kick this online addiction and establish some control over the technology.

Read this article and move to “Remove distractions”.

13) Stop worrying about the things you know you can’t change:

Like you ate an extra cookie in the evening and now you’re worried about your waistline.

Or you know you will not be going out with friends at night and you still worry whether it will rain outside.

Here the common denominator in all such situations is that you worry about the things you can’t change – so stop worrying to prevent your life from additional stress. It’s the time you learn to stop worrying.

14) Make one phone call to your closest friend:

People under stress do not feel like talking to anyone most of the times, but sometimes sharing your stress and thoughts with your closest friend could help you to determine whether your worry is worth worrying about or is completely irrational.

Close friends could give us the most sincere of advice more than anyone else and they do unload some of the weight we carry in our mind. Maybe they could help us in accepting the truth that there is no point in worrying.


Thoughts are like monsters that occupy our mind.

It is easier to control thoughts in the beginning but hard to handle when they grow stronger.

Therefore, it is advisable to control them using the above-mentioned tips as soon as you encounter them.

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