11 Most Useless Inventions of the History

Useless Inventions or not the world is loaded with creations with the basic role to make human life simpler as well as easier. However, there are some inventions which have ultimately turned out to be useless, few of them rather being annoying for many people around. In this article, we will discuss which inventions are now days regarded as useless and why.

Check out the following top useless inventions:

1. Clippy:

Keep in mind,and I guess this is for the newer generation, that in the late 90s and mid 2000s when you used to utilize Microsoft Office, this person used to show up at the base of your screen, with a motivation for helping you with your work, however actually it was preferably more disturbing than helping, with various non-deliberate recommendations and choices coming in front letting us know what to do and sort, like as if we have originated from mountains, that is the reason many people disliked it.

2. Biochemical defoliants:

Biochemical defoliants were basically herbicide utilized by U.S Military as a part of Vietnam war to slice through the thick forests to have the capacity to improve perspective of the troops with the goal that it could be anything but difficult to assault, however, it was successful at the beginning but because of its bad effects on people, especially, it created cancerous cells growth and other illnesses in human beings, it turned out to be rather disastrous.

3. Waterproof notes:

Aqua Notes, the waterproof notes you can have in your washroom, and take notes while you are having the shower, genuinely?

I mean why would anyone need notes while cleaning up, however, who needs this in their lavatory. You can still buy these notes from Amazon if you like. (link)

4. Hydrogen Blimps:

The drifting aircrafts ordinarily utilize Helium in them; however in 1931, when Hindenburg (An Airship acclaimed for its accident) was planned, its producers chose to go for Hydrogen set up in place of helium to make it glide. In any case, on its flight, the hydrogen being more unpredictable unfortunately burst into flames and Hindenburg launched bringing about crash and 35 losses out of 97 individuals who were on the board.

5. Hostile to Eating Mask:

For the people who are on the strict eating routine and moderately lesser willpower, this veil covers your mouth and doesn’t permit you to eat; it wears with strips going over your head the distance to the back of your head that would pretty much make you look like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

6. Hair developing sprays:

As observed on TV in late-night infomercials convincing you to get one, Hair developing sprays help to combat hairlessness by splashing kind of powder which just looks somewhat better, especially in a case that you had splashed some other color.

7. DDT:

I know most of you must be thinking about explosive DDT, but it’s totally different!

I am talking about Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane which actually is a bug spray (insecticide) found in 1873 and utilized generally after the Second World War. It was exceptionally successful against disease-causing insects such as malaria-spreading mosquitoes; however, upon research, it was found that it is harmful, for other life forms including human beings as well. It brought about neurological and infertility issues in people furthermore affected wildlife and birds. Subsequently, its utilization was banned.

8. Red Dye No 2:

Red Dye No 2 was a food color which was generally utilized as a part of the 1970s until Russian researchers found that it had the interface with tumor growth and along these lines, it was banned.

But later it was found that it did not have any impact on human health rather it resulted in banning M&M’s chocolate for years.

9. Parachute Jacket:

Not that normal Parachute Material coat you may consider.

This was a real coat intended to go about as parachute.

It was created by French Tailor Frantz Reichelt, who was now and again alluded as flying tailor as he was the pioneer of parachuting.

He was so certain about his new development that he chose to bounce off the Eifel Tower, tragically the favored piece didn’t work prompting to the death of designer.

10. Nintendo Virtual Boy:

The Nintendo Virtual Boy is one of the shortest time famous gaming reassures ever.

It was released in 1995 and stayed accessible just for 6 months. It comprised of a massive head-mounted show which guaranteed 3D gaming, which was especially accomplished my red-cyan 3D glasses which had disastrous, impacts on viewer’s vision, for its poor game library it was discontinued and failed to provide 3D graphics.

11. Choloro-fluorocarbons:

CFC’s are one of the inventions which man had to regret later. The compound which is now considered responsible to cause a greenhouse effect. And also thinning of the ozone layer was initially used for cooling in refrigerators as Freon gas.

It is estimated that many of compounds of CFC’s have been manufactured. Because of that, they are likely to cause ill effects on earth and its surrounding for many decades.


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