10 Best Primers for Oily Skin

Listen to the tales of a primer choice gone wrong, from the truest makeup junkie and you will be astonished how the incorrect pick can be horrendous.

Oily skin can make you go bonkers, especially if you love makeup. It starts breaking and appears flaky and textured.

And honestly, nothing appears more disastrous than a makeup meltdown.

This is where the best primers for oily skin, change the game for all the ladies. And we have listed the top 10 for you, right here.

You can invest in these blindly because they are incredible and also minimize pores.

Girls with oily skin usually have pore issues as well.

Therefore, it is time to solve both the problems with just one product; a good primer!

Without any further ado; let’s get into it.

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil and Shine Control Primer:

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The primer that won’t disappoint you!

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil and Shine Control primer hides off your pores and doesn’t clog them or suffocate your skin.

It comes in gel form and feels absolutely buoyant on your skin. You might be confused about whether the primer just got lost in your fingers.

This is one of the best primers for oily skin as it is extremely light and gives a very smooth, matte finish. Moreover, the “matte” look is not close to drying out your skin.

It is just the perfect amount of matte that makes your oily skin moisturized.

If you use a moisturizer before your makeup-you won’t need it now.

However, do not that this is not recommended for dry skin at all. Lastly, it comes with amazing ingredients that take care of your skin under that makeup as well.

The primer claims to give your skin a smooth finish and also promises for long-lasting makeup, along with reducing oiliness.

And it does fulfill all of its claims really well.

Thus, it is a must-have for all the girls who are struggling with their makeup due to their oily skin.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Blurring Primer:

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This primer is an oil-free primer that helps ladies with oily skin, to attain that perfectly matte and even makeup look.

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Blurring Primer claims to be free of parabens, sulfate, silicone, and fragrance.

It also promises to create a smooth canvas for you to put your makeup on seamlessly.

On application, your skin mattifies amazingly and blurs a bit too.

The silicone-based primers are more efficient at blurring your skin out but this one is not a failure either.

For people with oily skin, this one won’t be a disappointment at all.

Use it around the T-zone’s as well and make sure that you apply a good amount; not too much but not just a dot sized one either!

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Blurring Primer makes your makeup last for longer time periods, without breaking.

Oily skin and summers, aren’t very friendly with each other.

But this is one of the best primers for oily skin as it increases the longevity of your makeup marvelously.

Also, if you are sweating, you will notice that you won’t get a makeup meltdown with this one. What else would a girl ask for?

NARS Cosmetics Pore and Shine Control Primer:

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If you love high-end products, then you wouldn’t have trouble investing in this one, although it is pricier than most of the high-end primers.

However, is it worth it?

Well, certainly it is!

This is a high-quality primer that doesn’t fail you at all.

The texture of Nars Pore and Shine Control primer is incredible.

It is creamy which makes it very easily applicable in all areas of the face. As soon as you apply it, you see a visible reduction in your pores.

They are blurred impeccably well and the primer blurs out the textures of your skin, giving it a very fine and luminous finish.

Where it does claim to mattify your skin because that is exactly what an oily skin person needs; the luminous glow makes it worth the while.

While mattifying your skin, it gives it a slight glow to make it look natural and not too flat.

Keep in mind that this is the best primer for oily skin and not for a combination skin either.

Because it controls the shine and dries the oil out; a person with dry or combination skin might not appreciate it that much.

However, if you have oily skin, you are going to love it.

Nars has certainly made it amazingly luxurious, keeping up to its high-quality standards.

E.L.F Cosmetics Blemish Control Face Primer:

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Everyone cannot pick a high-end primer and that is okay because E.L.F has the best drugstore primer for oily skin which you won’t regret at all.

Embrace long-lasting makeup and say goodbye to the meltdowns.

Blemish Control Face primer is light and weightless on the skin, with a creamy texture.

It is not only easy to apply but also blurs out the pores to give a wonderful finish.

The great combination of ingredients helps control the breakouts and keeps the makeup intact for long hours.

The major reason why we love this primer is that it acts as an acne-control product too.

It consists of skincare ingredients that keep controlling acne and helps you manage your skin really well.

Take our word when we say that it will help you heal your pimples effectively.

Being a drugstore brand, the packaging of this primer is impressive too.

The pump makes it easier to use and the overall outlook of the product is quite fine as well. So what else would one want in an affordably priced primer?

Get that smooth canvas for flawless makeup with the E.L.F Cosmetics Blemish and Control Face Primer.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Lock Primer:

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L’Oréal is another affordable brand that brings amazing products for all makeup lovers.

And their Infallible Pro-Matte Lock is one of the best primers for oily skin.

Nobody has time to touch up their makeup throughout the day and to ditch the hassle, all you need is this product. It not only increases the longevity of your makeup but also controls oil and gives it an immaculate finish.

This primer smooths out your skin perfectly for a wonderful makeup application.

It locks down the oil and mattifies your skin for the entire day, keeping makeup meltdowns on the bay. You can go on throughout the day, without the need of a touchup.

The only thing that we don’t appreciate about this product is the quantity of it. It won’t last long. If you are using it daily, you will soon run out of it.

Although a small amount is good enough to use the end of the tube is completely empty.

Other than that, it does its job pretty well.

It smooths out your face, makes your makeup last longer, and controls oil all day long.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer:

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Want to change your makeup game for good? Well, this Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is all you need.

First things first; it makes your foundation glide on seamlessly.

You will love the way it smooths out your skin and blurs your skin, ready to get the makeup layers on.

Once you are done with your entire look, you will notice that your makeup will look utterly different and well-settled, all thanks to the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

You are going to be hooked to this one for a long time.

Ditch the blotting papers and the setting powder touchups with this one.

It locks the oil and makes your makeup long throughout the day. No makeup meltdowns and absolutely no cracks on the T-Zone.

It also downsizes your pores.

Being absolutely weightless, you won’t even notice that a layer of primer has been applied.

All in all, this is hands down, the best primer for oily skin.

And we can’t get enough of it!

Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Mattifier:

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Another one of the best high-end primers for oily skin; Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Mattifier is a game-changer in your makeup routine.

Yes, it costs a bit but the results are incredibly amazing.

It is a Holy Grail primer for a lot of makeup artists, models, and influencers.

The texture of the primer is great as it blends into the skin seamlessly.

It blurs out large pores magically. It might help cover up light eczema patches too.

Once applied, the foundation is super easy to blend on your face. It seems dreamlike.

The fine lines and pores are reduced significantly and that much wanted flawless makeup look is perfectly achieved.

It helps keep your makeup in place, without any oil showing up, for extremely long hours.

You won’t regret investing in this one!

LA. Girl Pro Prep Primer:

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If you are looking for the best primer for oily skin at a budget, then this is the perfect pick for you.

Too affordable and too good to believe that it comes in such a cheap price tag.

It comes in a small tube, which is easy to carry in your travel makeup bag.

The primer is in gel form which evens out all the textures of your skin and feels extremely light too.

It further enhances the application of your foundation too; making it super easy to glide and blend.

The L.A. Girl Pro Prep primer also helps in reducing fine lines and the appearance of pores too.

However, it won’t make your makeup last all day long. You might have guessed by the cheap price that you won’t be lucky to go on without a touchup for 12 hours with this one. But, it does help your makeup stay intact for a good 7 hours.

It controls oil appearance for 7 hours and no makeup meltdown dreads you during this time.

But you might have to touch up a bit after this time span.

It is best to use this primer for casual hangouts or dinners so that you have no worries.

If you are looking for makeup primers on a budget then this one is a great catch as it doesn’t crease or break your makeup at all.

Urban Decay All Night Face Primer:

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Urban Decay is famous for its all-nighter spray and it doesn’t leave you disappointed with its All Night Face Primer either.

The product comes in a tube, with a pump which makes it user-friendly. The packaging is very minimal yet stylish and a makeup junkie would know how much the appearance of the product matters.

Urban Decay All Night Face Primer claims to keep your makeup top-notch for 8 hours while minimizing pores and fines line and controlling oil as well.

The primer is extremely weightless and light on the skin and gives you a very sheer and smooth skin, to apply your foundation on.

As it is hydrating, without being greasy which makes it a good choice for people with oily skin. No flakes and no makeup creases!

It also reduces the pores significantly well. You will notice it right away after applying your foundation on the primer. Also, it claims and promises to make your makeup last for 8 hours but it lasts a bit longer. For some people, it lasts a good 10 hours and for some, it has even worked for 12 hours. Thus, it is a good bet, all in all.

NYX Professional No Filter Blurring Primer:

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Another drugstore primer for oily skin that won’t dissatisfy you at all.

No Filter Blurring Primer comes in a creamy texture and settles in within a few seconds, minimizing the pores and mattifying your skin just perfectly.

It is as light as air on the skin; you might doubt that you ever put it on in the first place.

Although this primer goes along well with almost all skin types, it goes great for oily skin amazingly. It controls oil from appearing, for hours.

Thus, it prevents breakouts and creases too. Your makeup application becomes 5 times easier with this primer as it makes it effortless to blend the foundation to perfection.

If you are on a budget and are looking for a good and affordable primer then this one is a good choice to make.


Primers are a key ingredient to a good makeup routine.

Every makeup junkie knows and understands the importance of this very product. And thus, we have listed the best primers for oily skin, for all of you here.

We know that oily skin gets hard to manage with makeup, especially during summers. But with these primers, all your worries are set aside. You can achieve that flawless makeup look by preparing your skin with one of these and you won’t regret a single penny, invested in them.