10 Best Feelings Of The World

Best Feelings: We all have our own sweet little best feelings in the world. For some people, it’s the weekend when they can sleep straight 12-13 hours with no worry in the world. And for guys, it’s finally when you can loosen that tie and belt at the end of the day, and just roam around in your boxers.

Does anything compare to your very own personal “best feelings”?

So here is a bunch of best feelings that obviously you all can relate with. You are not going to go out of this one, without shaking your head to at least 2-3 feelings that feel the best!

1. When someone Plays with your Hair:

A lot of people adore this feeling. They love when someone plays with their hair. It also helps a lot of people fall to sleep peacefully.

2. Bubble Wraps:

This might sound childish but let’s agree on this one; it is really fun!

You can go on and on with it until your hand hurts.

3. Love.

If your partner is being a pain for you, it is more of the worst sentiment ever! And if he/she makes you feel like you are the best thing that has ever happened to them, then kudos because it is certainly the best feeling ever.

Having someone to look up to you despite your imperfections is great.

4. Discovering money from an old notebook:

This sensation is overwhelming. You just open a notebook, to go through a lecture from last semester and you find some money in it. What can be more of a surprise? You also go through that boring note from Psychology maybe with utter ease and joy, because maybe you are planning to eat your favorite burger right after that! That really does depend on the amount of money you discover, though.

5. Compliments from Strangers:

People who are close to you flatter you anyway. They make you feel like you are the best person they have ever met and all. But then there is this feeling that pops in when a stranger gives you compliments and you feel on top of the world. You feel like someone has actually thought good of you. The emotion of having a stranger look at you with goodness is incredible.

7. When a Baby Holds your Finger:

When a small baby holds your finger and doesn’t let it go, you feel so important. It feels as if the baby is attaching to you or is relishing your presence and the little kid inside you dances at the thought. And yes, you can’t hide off that big smile, which shows off all your teeth delightfully.

8. Feeling warm when it’s actually freezing outside:

If you get this emotion, you are lucky. My feet never warm up on chilly nights and that actually feels well kinda, homeless. If you are actually warm in the bed and can sleep peacefully through that freezing night, it is great.

9. When you are hungry & see your order coming towards you:

Have you ever stared at every order that seems like yours but walks past you, to the other table? You start feeding yourself with the complimentary garlic bread you get. But nothing beats the feeling when it actually walks up to you, does it? When you see that sizzling stake being placed in front of you; yes, you are the king or queen of royalty at that moment.

10. Achieving your goals:

The bigger ones take too much time so focus on the small goals. To reach the big picture, you obviously need to take small steps.

So whenever you accomplish one small step, know that it’s a happy moment for you. Give credit to yourself for whatever little you are able to achieve.


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